Emma in JASNA Publications

“Emma has been meaning to read more ever since she was twelve years old.  I have seen a great many lists of her drawing-up at various times of books that she meant to read regularly through—and very good lists they were—very well chosen, and very neatly arranged—sometimes alphabetically, and sometimes by some other rule.”
                                                         Mr. Knightley in Emma

Whether celebrating the bicentenary of Emma or preparing for this year’s AGM, Emma at 200: ‘No One But Herself,’” JASNA members might want to sample the following essays—a small selection of the rich work available in Persuasions and Persuasions On-Line.

Emma’s World: Highbury and Beyond

“A Hypothetical Map of Highbury” by Penny Gay.  Persuasions On-Line 36.1 (Winter 2015).

“Austen Writing Bristol: The City and Signification in Northanger Abbey and Emma by Gillian Ballinger.  Persuasions On-Line 36.1 (Winter 2015).

“Emma and ‘the children in Brunswick Square’” by Laurie Kaplan.  Persuasions 31 (2009): 236-47.

“Jane Austen’s Englishness: Emma as National Tale” by Brian C. Southam.  Persuasions 30 (2008): 187-201.

“Exploring the World in Highbury” by Barbara Britton Wenner.  Persuasions 29 (2007): 54-66.

“‘It Must Be Done in London’: The Suburbanization of Highbury” by Tara Ghoshal Wallace.  Persuasions 29 (2007): 67-78.

“Jane Austen’s ‘passion for taking likenesses’: Portraits of the Prince Regent in Emma” by Douglas Murray.  Persuasions 29 (2007): 132-44.

“Adoring the Girl Next Door: Geography in Austen’s Novels” by Susan Morgan.  Persuasions On-Line 21.1 (Winter 2000).


“The New Emma in Emma by Bruce Stovel.  Persuasions On-Line 28.1 (Winter 2007).

“Jane Fairfax’s Choice: The Sale of Human Flesh or Human Intellect” by Lynda A. Hall.  Persuasions On-Line 28.1 (Winter 2007).

“The Enigma of Harriet Smith” by Ivor Morris.  Persuasions On-Line 26.1 (Winter 2005).

“Emma at Box Hill: A Very Questionable Day of Pleasure” by Susan Rogers.  Persuasions On-Line 25.1 (Winter 2004).

“The Dilemma of Emma: Moral, Ethical, and Spiritual Values” by Karin Jackson.  Persuasions On-Line 21.2 (Summer 2000).

“Reading Austen Writing Emma by Suzanne Juhasz.  Persuasions On-Line 21.1 (Winter 2000).

“‘The word was blunder’: Who was Harriet Smith’s Mother?” by Edith Lank.  Persuasions 7 (1985): 14-15.

“The Powers of the Instrument: Or Jane, Frank, and the Pianoforte” by Judith Wilt.  Persuasions 5 (1983): 41-47.


“‘And I am changed also’: Mr. Knightley’s Conversion to Amiability” by Theresa Kenney.  Persuasions 29 (2007): 110-20.

“Frank’s Fragmentation” by Christopher A. Griffith.  Undergraduate Essay Contest Winner (2007).

“Fathers and Lovers: The Gender Dynamics of Relational Influence in Emma by Kathleen Anderson.  Persuasions On-Line 21.1 (Summer 2000).

“Two Queries Concerning Emma: Did Jane Austen forget Mr. Knightley? Who wrote Frank Churchill’s ‘handsome letter’?” by Joan Austen-Leigh.  Persuasions 18 (1996): 54-57.

“Jane Austen’s Use of Frank Churchill’s Letters in Emma by Patricia Davis.  Persuasions 10 (1988): 34-38.

Highbury Society

“The ‘Great Talker’: Spinster Stereotypes in Emma by Corrie L. Jacobs.  Graduate Essay Contest Winner (2015).

“Eyeing Mrs. Elton: Learning Through Pastiche” by Diana Birchall.  Persuasions On-Line 30.2 (Spring 2010).

“‘A Nervous Man, Easily Depressed’: What Is Wrong with Mr. Woodhouse?” by Nicola Cummins.  Persuasions On-Line 28.1 (Winter 2007).

“Mr. Woodhouse is not a Hypochondriac!” by Ted Bader.  Persuasions On-Line 21.1 (Summer 2000).

In Defense of Mrs. Elton by Diana Birchall.  Published for the 1999 AGM in Colorado Springs.

“That Excellent Miss Bates” by Katharine Kittredge.  Persuasions 17 (1995): 26-30.

“Mrs. Elton and the Slave Trade” by Mary DeForest.  Persuasions 9 (1987): 11-12.

“Do You Not Dance, Mr. Elton?” by Mary Millard.  Persuasions 5 (1983): 14.

Money, Manners, Language

“The Anxiety of Emma” by Janet Todd.  Persuasions 29 (2007): 15-25.

Emma: The Geography of a Mind” by Juliet McMaster.  Persuasions 29 (2007): 26-38.

“‘I am Rather a Talker’: Speech and Silence in Emma by June Sturrock.  Persuasions On-Line 28.1 (Winter 2007).

“Reading Elegant Extracts in Emma: Very Entertaining!” by Susan Allen Ford.   Persuasions On-Line 28.1 (Winter 2007).

“‘The Value of a Good Income’: Money in Emma by Sheryl Bonar Craig.  Persuasions On-Line 22.1 (Winter 2001).

“The Civility of Emma by Joseph Wiesenfarth.  Persuasions 18 (1996): 8-23.

“The Secret Languages of Emma by Juliet McMaster.  Persuasions 13 (1991): 119-31.

Emma Adapted

“Bollywoodizing Jane Austen’s Emma: Rajshree Ojha’s Aisha by Rosa M. Garcia-Periago.  Persuasions On-Line 34.1 (Winter 2013).

Aisha, Rajshree Ojha’s Urban Emma: Not Entirely Clueless” by Theresa Kenney.  Persuasions On-Line 32.1 (Winter 2011).

“Adapting Emma for the Twenty-first Century: An Emma No One Will Like” by Laurie Kaplan.  Persuasions On-Line 30.1 (Winter 2009).

“An Invitation to the Dance and a Proposal of Marriage: Jane Austen’s Emma and Two Film Adaptations” by Nora Foster Stovel.  Persuasions On-Line 28.1 (Winter 2007).

Emma on Film” is the subject of a special edition of JASNA’s journal Persuasions On-Line Occasional Papers No. 3.  The essays provide in-depth discussions of film adaptations of the novel.