Mansfield Park in JASNA Publications

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Whether celebrating the bicentenary of Mansfield Park or preparing for this year’s AGM, Mansfield Park in Montréal: Contexts, Conventions and Controversies,” JASNA members might want to sample the following essays—a small selection of the rich work available in Persuasions and Persuasions On-Line.

Fanny Price

“Austen’s Fanny Price, Grateful Negros, and the Stockholm Syndrome” by Anne K. Mellor and Alex L. Milsom.  Persuasions 34 (2012): 222-35.

“‘The Imagination Supplied What the Eye Could Not Reach’: The Unconscious Self-Deception of Mansfield Park’s Fanny Price” by Kelly Hagen.  Persuasions On-Line 32.1 (Winter 2011).

“Fanny’s Moral Limits” by Theodore M. Benditt.  Persuasions On-Line 29.1 (Winter 2008).

“The Many Mothered, Motherless Fanny Price” by Elvira Casal.  Persuasions 28 (2006): 31-40.

“Lifting the Heart to Rapture: Harmony, Nature, and the Unmusical Fanny Price” by Kathryn L. Libin.  Persuasions 28 (2006): 137-49.

“Attending the Interior Self: Fanny’s ‘Task’ in Mansfield Park by Kerrie Savage.  Persuasions On-Line 27.1 (Winter 2006).

“Jane Austen and the Reconsigned Child: The True Identity of Fanny Price” by Kay Tourney Souter.  Persuasions 23 (2001): 205-14.

“Fanny in Fairyland: Mansfield Park and the Cinderella Legend” by Thomas Hoberg.  Persuasions 17 (1995): 137-43.

“Jane Austen’s Case Study of Child Abuse: Fanny Price” by Joan Klingel Ray.  Persuasions 13 (1991): 16-26.

“Fanny Price as Cinderella: Folk and Fairy-tale in Mansfield Park by Janice Simpson.  Persuasions 9 (1987): 25-30.

Bertrams and Crawfords

“Inherited and Living Variables: The Choices of Sisters and Brothers in Mansfield Park by Marcia McClintock Folsom.  Persuasions On-Line 30.1 (Winter 2009).

“Crawfords on the Couch: A Psychoanalytical Exploration of the Effects of the ‘Bad School’ on Henry and Mary Crawford” by Miriam Rheingold Fuller.  Persuasions 28 (2006): 13-30.

“A Harpist Arrives at Mansfield Park: Music and the Moral Ambiguity of Mary Crawford” by Juliette Wells.  Persuasions 28 (2006): 101-14.

“Henry Crawford’s Reform” by Moreland Perkins.  Persuasions On-Line 27.1 (Winter 2006).

“Sex, Debility, and Lady Bertram: Lover or Loafer?” by Pauline Beard.  Persuasions On-Line 27.1 (Winter 2006).

“The View and Patronage of Mansfield Park” by Sarah J. Muse.  Persuasions On-Line 25.1 (Winter 2004).

“Slipping the Leash: Lady Bertram’s Lapdog” by Sally B. Palmer.  Persuasions On-Line 25.1 (Winter 2004).

“From Mary Crawford to Kate Croy and Back Again: One Reader’s Response to Mansfield Park by Marlene Kondelik.  Persuasions On-Line 21.1 (Winter 2000).

“Edmund Bertram: A Politically Correct Hero?” by Margaret Kirkham.  Persuasions 17 (1995): 71-76.

“The Talkers and Listeners of Mansfield Park by Juliet McMaster.  Persuasions 17 (1995): 77-89.

“A Note on the Elopement of Henry and Maria” by Erna Schwerin.  Persuasions 2 (1980): 22-23, 25.

“Sibling Relationships in Mansfield Park by J. David Grey. Persuasions 2 (1980): 28-29.

The Construction of Mansfield Park

“Star-Gazing with Fanny Price” by Maggie Lane.  Persuasions 28 (2006): 150-65.

“Once More with Feeling: The Structure of Mansfield Park by Bruce Stovel.  Persuasions On-Line 27.1 (Winter 2006).

“The Tragic Action of Mansfield Park by Sarah Emsley.  Persuasions On-Line 28.1 (Winter 2007).

“Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park: Determining Authorial Intention” by Melissa Burns.  Persuasions On-Line 26.1 (Winter 2005).

“To Govern the Winds: Dangerous Acquaintances at Mansfield Park” by Colleen A. Sheehan.  Persuasions On-Line 25.1 (Winter 2004).

Mansfield Park and the Question of Irony” by Judith Burdan.  Persuasions 23 (2001): 197-204.

“The Ships in Mansfield Park by William Jarvis.  Persuasions 10 (1988): 31-43.

Morality in Mansfield Park

“‘If Your Right Hand Offends You . . . ’: Anger and the Principle of Moral Regeneration in Mansfield Park by Summer J. Star.  Persuasions On-Line 29.1 (Winter 2008).

“Mansfield Park as Greenhouse: ‘The Effect of Education’ in Mansfield Park by Mary Chan.  Persuasions On-Line 27.1 (Winter 2006).

“‘Such a Dead Silence’: Cultural Evil, Challenge, Deliberate Evil, and Metanoia in Mansfield Park by Gracia Fay Ellwood.  Persuasions On-Line 24.1 (Winter 2003).

“Moral Neutrality in Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park by Diane Capitani.  Persuasions On-Line 23.1 (Winter 2002).

“Lady Bertram, Mrs. Norris and Mrs. Price: Place and Moral Identity in Mansfield Park by Jacqueline M. Erwin.  Persuasions 17 (1995): 144-51.

“What Became of Jane Austen? Mansfield Park by Claudia L. Johnson.  Persuasions 17 (1995): 59-70.

“The Theme of Contingency in Mansfield Park by Gene Koppel.  Persuasions 2 (1980): 20.

In the Homes and Landscapes of Mansfield Park

“Intimacy in Mansfield Park by Michael Goodfellow.  Persuasions On-Line 28.1 (Winter 2007).

“Exploring Mansfield Park: In the Footsteps of Fanny Price” by John Wiltshire.  Persuasions 28 (2006): 81-100.

“Fanny Price and the (Dis)comforts of Home” by Amanda Himes.  Persuasions 27 (2005): 253-59.

“A Space for Fanny: The Significance of Her Rooms in Mansfield Park by Melissa Edmundson.  Persuasions On-Line 23.1 (Winter 2002).

What Smith did at Compton:  Landscape Gardening, Humphrey Repton, and Mansfield Park by David Clarke.  Persuasions 21 (1999): 59-67

“Papas and Ha-has: Rebellion, Authority, and Landscaping in Mansfield Park by Inger S. B. Brodey.  Persuasions 17 (1995): 90-96.

“Star-gazing at Mansfield Park by Alma Zook.  Persuasions 8 (1986): 29-33.

Abolition and Other Controversies

“The Rushworths of Wimpole Street” by Laurie Kaplan.  Persuasions 33 (2011): 202-14.

“Ambiguous Cousinship: Mansfield Park and the Mansfield Family” by Christine Kenyon Jones.  Persuasions On-Line 31.1 (Winter 2010).

Mansfield Park Reconsidered: Pheasants, Game Laws, and the Hidden Critique of Slavery” by Helena Kelly.  Persuasions 30 (2008): 170-80.

“Money, Morals, and Mansfield Park: The West Indies Revisited” by June Sturrock.  Persuasions 28 (2006): 176-84.

Mansfield Park and Austen’s Reading on Slavery and Imperial Warfare” by Moreland Perkins.  Persuasions On-Line 26.1 (Winter 2005).

“Sir Thomas Bertram’s ‘Business in Antigua’” by Judith Terry.  Persuasions 17 (1995): 97-105.

Lovers’ Vows and Other Texts

“Jane Austen, Frances Sheridan, and the Ha-Ha: A New Affiliation for Mansfield Park by Anne Toner.  Persuasions 32 (2010): 224-31.

“Going from Extremes: Mansfield Park as a Revision of Clarissa by Kathleen E. Urda.  Persuasions On-Line 30.1 (Winter 2009).

“Fanny’s ‘great book’: Macartney’s Embassy to China and Mansfield Park by Susan Allen Ford.  Persuasions On-Line 28.2 (Spring 2007).

“Part of an Englishwoman’s Constitution: The Presence of Shakespeare in Mansfield Park” by Marcia McClintock Folsom.  Persuasions 28 (2006): 65-80.

“‘It is about Lovers’ Vows’: Kotzebue, Inchbald, and the Players of Mansfield Park” by Susan Allen Ford.  Persuasions On-Line 27.1 (Winter 2006).

Mansfield Park and the 1814 Novels: Waverley, The Wanderer, Patronage” by Elaine Bander.  Persuasions 28 (2006): 115-25.

“‘Don’t Put Your Daughter on the Stage, Lady B’: Talking about Theatre in Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park by Judith W. Fisher.  Persuasions 22 (2000): 70-86.

Mansfield Park and Morgan’s Passing: Jane Austen’s and Anne Tyler’s Problem Novels” by Gene Koppel.  Persuasions On-Line 20.1 (Summer 1999).

“The Other Play in Mansfield Park: Shakespeare’s Henry VIII by Elaine Bander.  Persuasions 17 (1995): 111-120.

Mansfield Park on Film

Mansfield Park and Metropolitan: Austen’s Morality in Whit Stillman’s Modern World” by Amanda Kubic.  Persuasions On-Line 34.1 (Winter 2013).

“‘I am a wild beast’: Patricia Rozema’s Forward Fanny”, by Alison Shea.  Persuasions 28 (2006): 52-58.

“In Defense of Patricia Rozema’s Mansfield Park, by David Monaghan.  Persuasions 28 (2006): 59-64.

“Modernizing Mansfield Park: Patricia Rozema’s Spin on Jane Austen” by Kathi Groenendyk.  Persuasions On-Line 25.1 (Winter 2004).

“Messing with Morality: Patricia Rozema’s Mansfield Park by Elsa Solender.  Persuasions 21 (1999): 7-8.