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Iowa Region: Jane Austen's Emma

Oct 7

1:00 pm

Keep Calm & Read Jane Austen

Emma At the Coles

Illustration by C.E. Brock, 1898

In partnership with the Urbandale Public Library, JASNA Iowa will host guest speaker Kathy Wilson.  Kathy has more than 20 years experience as a historian, educator and museum specialist.  She has presented numerous fascinating historical programs, and we are fortunate that she has decided to add a Jane Austen perspective to her programming.  

Jane Austen's contemporaries paid scant attention to her, and the Victorians found her passionless and parochial.  Yet in the 21st Century, an age where seemingly “anything goes,” the reserve and restraint, modesty and manners of Austen’s characters continue to captivate many readers.  Why should stories filled with what author Anthony Trollope once called “sweet lessons of homely household virtue” be so popular more than 200 years after their publication?  This program looks at the world of Jane Austen in an attempt to understand not only what influenced her writing, but also why we still love her books today.

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