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Palm Beaches Region: Is Piano Your Forte? (Virtual)

Oct 18

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

The Significance of the Pianoforte in Austen's Novels

26 7 2019 9 19 00 01 pf andreas stein edWhy did Jane Austen make music a star in so many scenes, especially when played upon the pianoforte? Think of Jane Fairfax receiving an expensive instrument from a secret admirer, or Mary Bennet trying to gain some importance by applying herself more assiduously than her prettier sisters. Join discussion leaders Elizabeth Paquette and Patti Woodall to explore this fascinating topic. Austen never wasted a word—those keyboards are in there for a reason!

For information and to request the event code and password for this virtual meeting, please contact Co-RC Elizabeth Paquette. Please note: the time listed is Eastern Time.