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Pittsburgh Region: Guided Tour of Bath

Feb 3

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

High tea and a "stroll" through Bath

Bath2Bath—the Las Vegas of eighteenth-century England! Part sanatorium, part entertainment extravaganza, Bath had something for everyone.  Allison Thompson will convey you on a guided tour of Bath: its history, its geography, and its specific social attributes that set it apart from London or other places of assembly. We’ll tour its streets and attractions, take walks on the downs, and gain an appreciation of the relative poshness of the Camden Place, Westgate Buildings and Laura Place addresses.

 We will sit down to our high tea at 1:30, with Allison's talk to commence at 2:45.  Some of us are choosing to dress in Regency period clothing for this event, feel free to join us in this endeavor! 

For more information visit the Region website.