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San Diego Region: As The Wheel Turns

Feb 22

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Vehicles in Jane Austen's Novels

Felton Curricle fig 40 v.2Modern readers have little frame of reference about the horse-drawn vehicles in Jane Austen's novels. From John Thorpe's arrival in Bath in his beloved gig to Mrs. John Dashwood's ambition for her brother Edward Ferrars to drive a barouche, Austen conveys a wealth of information about a person's economic and social standing by the vehicles they drive (or are driven in). She also uses the vehicles to facilitate plot lines involving romance and scandal.  

Jennifer Ewing, who spent summers working in her father's blacksmith and wheelwright shop, brings a wealth of knowledge and a splendid series of illustrations to her presentation. For more information, please see the Region's Facebook page.

As always, tea will be provided, and we appreciate attendees bringing food items to share.