Winning Essays for 2003

2003 Essay Topic: The Importance of Home and Family in Jane Austen’s Life and Works

In all of Jane Austen’s fiction, home and family play a significant though complex role, sometimes providing nurture, sometimes (even simultaneously) a sense of constriction.  Explore the importance of home and/or family in Austen’s novels or juvenilia.  Possible angles might include:

High School Division

First Place Winner: Talia S. Goldman, Beth Tfiloh High School, Baltimore, MD
Essay: Fanny Price: A Journey to Discover Home
Mentor: Mrs. Nancy Leaderman, English teacher, Beth Tfiloh High School, Baltimore
Second Place Winner: Elizabeth J. Linder, Sacramento, CA
Essay: Perspectives Transformed, Viewpoints Revised

College/University Division

First Place Winner: Sarah K. Green, Brown University, Providence, RI
Essay: “A state of alteration, perhaps of improvement”: New Social Structures in Persuasion
Mentor: Professor Amanda Gilroy, English Department, Brown University, Providence
Second Place Winner (tie): Daniella A. Cheslow
Essay: Dearest Catherine, Beware How You Give Your Heart
and: Shannon F. Ringvelski
Essay: Exiled from Pemberley: Finding Home in Pride and Prejudice

Graduate Division

First Place Winner: Ashley L. Combest, Greenville, MS
Essay: Definition and Redefinition: Finding a Home in Mansfield Park
Mentor: Dr. Susan Allen Ford, Delta State University, Cleveland, MS
Second Place Winner: Jennifer M. Lane
Essay: Jane Austen’s Domesticated Naval Heroes in Persuasion