Jane Austen-related Merchandise Available from the Southeastern Virginia Region

The Southeastern Virginia region of JASNA is pleased to offer the following items for sale:

Book Ball Ornaments

Have a little piece of Jane hanging anywhere, at anytime!  These are handcrafted 3-inch circular clear ornaments filled with hand-trimmed pieces of both dialogue and scenery from all six of Jane’s published works.  Each is topped by a differently colored ribbon, as well as a tag listing the name of the novel whose text fills that ornament, along with the name and signature of the crafter, Alethea White-Previs.  The ribbons’ colors are based loosely on the heroes of each novel.  Click on each image to see a larger version.

Sense and Sensibility
Red ribbon, for Colonel Brandon’s Army service
Pride and Prejudice
Black ribbon, for Darcy’s impeccable style
Mansfield Park
Brown ribbon, for Edmund’s simple country parson’s tastes
Hunter Green ribbon, for Mr. Knightley’s refined yet quiet fashion sense
Northanger Abbey
White ribbon, for Mr. Tilney’s profession
Blue ribbon, for Captain Wentworth’s naval service

Each ornament is $10; a full set of six may be ordered for $45.  Each full set ordered comes with a free gift of confetti (see below).  Shipping and handling for 1-2 ornaments is $3; shipping and handling for 3-6 ornaments is $5.


Add a sprinkling of book confetti, whenever, wherever!  These are small bags of confetti made from the pages of different novels.  For the winter season, the confetti is snowflake-shaped; the shapes will change with the seasons (and no shape is guaranteed unless specifically requested when your order is placed).  The confetti can be sprinkled in handwritten letters, as a decoration on a small table at an event, or simply as goodie bags for bridal showers or any get-together!  Each bag of confetti contains three pages’ worth of text from a variety of novels.  Click on each image to see a larger version.

Left - bag of confetti, Right - confetti sprinkled on a table

Individually, the bags are $2; 5-10 bags are $1 each, and more than 10 bags ordered are only 50 cents each.  Order a complete set of Jane Austen Book Ball Ornaments and get a free bag of confetti.  Shipping and handling is $2 per order (up to 10 bags); over 10 bags, shipping and handling increases to $5.

Ordering instructions

To order either the ornaments or confetti, contact Alethea White-Previs, email: AWHITEPREVIS@YAHOO.COM for ordering instructions.  Orders can be paid for either via money order or PayPal.  All efforts will be made to complete and ship ornaments ordered before December 1st in time for Christmas, but as each item is handmade, completion prior to the Christmas holiday cannot be guaranteed.

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