Editor’s Note

1999 Conference papers: Emma: Austen at her Peak

Adoring the Girl Next Door: Geography in Austen’s Novels
    Susan Morgan

Teaching Austen By Editing: From the Juvenilia To Emma
    Juliet McMaster and Victoria Kortes-Papp

Reading Austen Writing Emma
    Suzanne Juhasz



From Mary Crawford to Kate Croy and Back Again: One Reader’s Response to Mansfield Park
    Marlene Kondelik

Irony and Political Education in Northanger Abbey
    Melissa Schaub

The Felicities of Rapid Motion: Jane Austen in the Ballroom
    Allison Thompson

Colonel Brandon: an Officer and a Gentleman in Sense and Sensibility
    Geoff Chapman

Jane Austen in Vienna: Some Reflections on a Curious Socio-Historical Application of Her Two Illustrious Antinomies
    René Goldman

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