No. 11, December 16, 1989

Editors: Joan Austen-Leigh, Lorraine Hanaway, Gene Koppel


President’s Letter Eileen Sutherland
The Santa Fe Meeting Sallie R. Wadsworth
The Still Unknown Lover Carl H. Ketcham
D’Arcy Wentworth, one of the Fitzwilliams Edith Lank
The Northanger Hyancinths Stephen Derry
Two Georgianas:  The Duchess of Devonshire and Jane Austen’s Miss Darcy Stephen Derry
Eulogies of Jane Austen, Illinois Regional Meeting
Report on Persuasions Competition 1989
Persuasions Competition 1990
1990 JASNA Literary Competition
JASNA Literary Competition Winners, 1989
Illustrating Jane Austen Keiko Parker


My Aunt, Jane Austen Joan Austen-Leigh
Inside Pride and Prejudice John Halperin
Land, Law and Love Luanne Bethke Redmond
Mentoring Jane Austen:  Reflections on “My Dear Dr. Johnson” Gloria Gross
Violet Hunt Rewrites Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice (1813) and Their Lives (1916) Joseph Wiesenfarth
Pride and Prejudice:  A Classic Love Story Barbara Sherrod
The Comedy of Social Distinctions in Pride and Prejudice John McAleer
Assertion and Aggression in the Novels of Jane Austen Dwight McCawley
Secrets, Silence, and Surprise in Pride and Prejudice Bruce Stovel
Reversal and Revelation:  The Five Seasons in Pride and Prejudice Sara Wingard
Sisterhood and Friendship  in Pride and Prejudice Deborah J. Knuth
What Happened Next?  or The Many Husbands of Georgiana Darcy Kathleen Glancy
Mothers, Substitute Mothers, and Daughters in the Novels of Jane Austen Mary Margaret Benson
Sibling Love in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Glenda A. Hudson
Pride and Prejudice:  Conservative or Liberal Novel -- Or Both? Gene Koppel
Pride and Prejudice:  An Informal History of the Motion Picture Kenneth Turan
Interview:  Ann Rutherford, Marsha Hunt, Karen Morley Kenneth Turan
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