North Texas Region

June with Jane Austen
Saturday, June 20, 2015

It may have been June 20th, 2015 but to JASNA North Texas, it felt more like June 1805.  Immersed in creative jewelry making, penmanship and English Country dancing, the morning of “June with Jane” was pleasantly whiled away in pursuits familiar to Jane Austen’s time.  Dallas’s beautiful and historic Warwick Melrose Hotel hosted the event with its workshops, luncheon and very special guest speaker, JASNA National President, Claire Bellanti.

Claire Bellanti

Following lunch, Ms. Bellanti shared an engaging presentation on circulating libraries in Jane Austen’s time.  What a delight it was to see the flyer listing Pride and Prejudice among library offerings of the day!  Ms. Bellanti captured everyone’s attention with her extensive knowledge of the subject and the lovely slides which brought her topic to life.  A lively question and answer interchange prompted by Ms. Bellanti’s talk proved just as interesting.



Netherfield Ball

To top off the exceptional day, the Netherfield Ball was host to an evening of elegant English Country dancing.  Over 50 dancers in period dress gracefully moved across the floor under the capable direction of caller, Louise Siddons, accompanied by talented musicians, Ladies at Play.  Reminiscent of Netherfield Park, the venue enhanced the evening with its lovely décor.





The weekend’s festivities were enjoyed by JASNA North Texas members who eagerly anticipate the next meeting to be in September and learning to speak with a British accent.

—Lindy Bell

A Selfie.