JASNA Regions in Canada - Contact Information

Canadian regions are part of JASNA Canada.  For information on starting a new Regional Group or to add one to the directory, contact the JASNA Vice President-Regions, Liz Philosophos Cooper, liz.p.cooper@gmail.com.  To update your existing Region listing, send details to webmaster@jasna.org.

Alberta, Calgary
Region Website: http://www.jasnacalgary.ca
Michelle Agopsowicz
Calgary, AB
(403) 835-4044
Email: mmagopsowicz@gmail.com

Alberta, Edmonton
Bridget Toms
Edmonton, AB
(780) 451-9243
Email: twolegsgood@telus.net

British Columbia, Vancouver
Region Website: http://www.jasnavancouver.ca/
Michelle Siu
Vancouver, BC
(604) 616-3588
Email: jasnavancouverRC@gmail.com

British Columbia, Victoria
Laurel Saunders
Victoria, BC
(250) 384-0193
Email: sophycroft-at-sea@shaw.ca

Manitoba, Winnipeg
Region Website: http://jasnawpg.wix.com/jasna-winnipeg
Celine Kear
Winnipeg, MB
(204) 475-3200
Email: celinekear@shaw.ca

Lorna Pyrih
Winnipeg, MB
(204) 668-3178
Email: lpyrih@mts.net

New Brunswick, Saint John
Patricia McGill
Rothesay, NB
(506) 849-4353
Email: pat.mcgill@bellaliant.net

There is no regional group in Newfoundland.

The Northwest Territories
There is no regional group in the Northwest Territories.

Nova Scotia
Region Website: http://janeausteninnovascotia.wordpress.com/
Colleen MacNeil
Halifax, NS
(902) 445-3720
Email: colleenmacneil@icloud.com

There is no regional group in Nunavut.

Ontario, London
Nancy Johnson
London, ON
Email: jasnalondonchapter@hotmail.com

Ontario, Toronto
Louise Yearwood
Toronto, ON
Email: louise.yearwood@utoronto.ca

Prince Edward Island
There is no regional group in Prince Edward Island.

Québec, Montréal
Region Website: http://jasna-mtl.weebly.com/
Judith Elson
Montréal, QC
(514) 281-6718
Email: jasna.montrealqc@gmail.com

Yvonne Petry
Regina, SK
(306) 525-3260
Email: Yvonne.Petry@uregina.ca

There is no regional group in the Yukon.