Celebrating 200 Years of Mansfield Park
A Pathfinders Tour
July 17-26, 2014

Stoneleigh Abbey
Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwickshire (photo © Sue Forgue)

“Fanny has a great desire to see Sotherton.”

The 200th anniversary of the publication of Mansfield Park was marked with a memorable tour of Jane Austen’s England.  JASNA members visited houses, towns, and cities that shaped Jane Austen’s life and fiction, including Steventon, Bath, Chawton, Lyme Regis, and Winchester.  They traveled to Northamptonshire, the setting for the Bertram estate; followed Fanny Price to Portsmouth; and explored Stoneleigh Abbey, the Leigh family country seat thought by many to be Jane Austen’s inspiration for Sotherton Court.  The London leg of the tour included visits to the British Library (to see Jane Austen’s writing desk), the National Portrait Gallery (to view Cassandra’s famous drawing of her sister), and the Victoria and Albert Museum (to enjoy art and design from the Georgian and Regency eras).

More details are on the itinerary page.