2007 Annual General Meeting, Oct. 5-7, Vancouver, BC Canada

Theme: "Discovering Emma in Vancouver"

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Plenary Speaker Dr. Juliet McMaster
The Geography of the Mind in Emma


Before her recent retirement Dr. Juliet McMaster was "University Professor," a sort of "Super Prof," at the University of Alberta. She needs no introduction to JASNA members, but for the sake of any newcomers whom we welcome wholeheartedly, she is the author most recently of Woman Behind The Painter: The Diaries of Rosalie, Mrs. James Clarke Hook (2006), and of Reading the Body in the Eighteenth-Century Novel (2004), Jane Austen the Novelist: Essays Past and Present (1996), and Jane Austen on Love (1978), as well as of books on Dickens, Trollope, Thackeray, and other English novelists; and co-editor of The Child Writer From Austen to Woolf (with Christine Alexander, 2005), The Cambridge Companion to Jane Austen (with Edward Copeland, 1997), and Jane Austen's Business: Her World and Her Profession (with Bruce Stovel, 1996).  

Not to be omitted are many "minor works" by Jane Austen from her own creation the Juvenilia Press, with her own inimitable illustrations, and Jane Austen's The Beautiful Cassandra (1993) which Juliet herself illustrated in a truly charming fashion. Juliet has been both a plenary speaker and a breakout presenter at many JASNA AGMs. Her talks always draw you in by their sheer truth, and captivate you because of her wit. Juliet will speak on "The Geography of Emma's Mind."

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