2007 Annual General Meeting, Oct. 5-7, Vancouver, BC Canada

Theme: "Discovering Emma in Vancouver"

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"Pains and Pleasures of Editing Jane Austen"


Five of the six editors of the Broadview edition (Canadian edition) of Jane Austen's novels have enthusiastically replied "yes" to our invitation to participate in a panel discussion entitled  "Pains and Pleasures of Editing Jane Austen".  This will be a uniquely Canadian event.  This event is scheduled for Saturday noon during the conference.  

The moderator for this panel is:

Anne Giardini
Anne Giardini’s first novel, The Sad Truth About Happiness, was published by HarperCollins/Fourth Estate in Canada, the UK, the US, and Australia in spring 2005. She has written and published many stories, as well as articles on ethics, and legal and other topics. She wrote a column for the National Post newspaper for several years. Anne and her mother Carol Shields presented a paper entitled “Martians in Jane Austen” at the JASNA 1996 conference in Richmond, VA. Anne practices law in Vancouver, where she lives with her husband and three school age children. She is at work on her second novel, Nicolo Piccolo, which, like Emma, has the getting and giving of advice as its theme.  


The five editor/panelists are:

Kristin Flieger Samuelian
Dr. Kristin Flieger Samuelian is an Assistant Professor of English at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, where she teaches courses in nineteenth-century British literature and the novels of Austen. She has published articles on Austen, Dickens, and Gaskell and is the editor of Emma. Her current book project looks at representations of the royal family in the Romantic-era popular press.
Kathleen James-Cavan

Photo by Rosanna Pary
Dr. Kathleen James-Cavan is professor of English at the University of Saskatchewan.  She has published in Studies in the Novel on Jane Austen's The Watsons and has published two articles in Persuasions. She has given conference papers on Austen; Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea; and Edmund Spenser. Her research concerns primarily literature by women of the later 18th century, specifically Jane Austen among others.  Dr. James-Cavan is the editor of Sense and Sensibility
June Sturrock
Dr. June Sturrock is a retired Professor of English and Associate Director of Graduate Liberal Studies at Simon Fraser University.  She is author of Heaven and Home: Charlotte Yonge's Domestic Fiction and many articles.  Dr. Sturrock is the editor of Mansfield Park.
Claire Grogan
Dr. Claire Grogan is a professor in the Department of English at Bishop's University.  She has edited Elizabeth Hamilton's Memoirs of Modern Philosophers. Dr. Grogan is the editor of Northanger Abbey
Linda Bree
Linda Bree is the Literature Publisher at Cambridge University Press. She is author of Sarah Fielding (1996) and is editor of Sarah Fielding's The Adventures of David Simple (Penguin 2002, soon to be revised and reissued as a Broadview title) and co-editor with Claude Rawson of Henry Fielding's Jonathan Wild (Oxford, 2004), as well as editor of the Broadview Persuasion (2002). She is the in-house editor of several scholarly editions at Cambridge University Press, including The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jane Austen, and is currently co-editing the Later Manuscripts volume in that edition with the General Editor, Janet Todd, for publication in 2007.

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