Persuasions #11, 1989                                                                                                                                               Page 151

Answers for the Quiz at Santa Fe

(Quiz answer references are from Chapman’s edition of The Novels of Jane Austen, Third Edition, Vol. II.)

1.         The Heroine

       (a)  Mr. Collins (page 106)

(b)  Miss Bingley (page 35)

(c)  Lady Catherine (page 163)


2.         The Hero

       (a)  Kitty (page 384)

(b)  5 years (page 200)

(c)  Mr. Bennet (page 376)


3.         The Food

       (a)  Partridges (page 342)

(b)  White soup (page 55)

(c)  Elizabeth preferred "a plain dish to a ragout" (page 35)


4.         The Real Estate

       (a)  Rosings and Pemberly were both situated on "rising ground" (page 156 and page 245)

(b)  Longbourn has a larger park (page 352)

(c)  Libraries are mentioned at Longbourn (page 9), Netherfield and Pemberly (page 37-38)


5.         The Journeys

       (a)  50 miles (page 178)

(b)  2 days and one night (page 286)

(c)  Mr. Bennet's carriage (page 219)


6.         The Equipages

(a)  Anne De Bourgh (page 67)

(b)  Mr. Darcy (page 260) and William Goulding (page 316)

(c)  Mr. Collins (page 168)

(d)  The Bennet family (page 30)

(e)  Lady Catherine (page 211)

(f)  Mr. Bingley (page 3), Sir William Lucas (page 152)


7.         The Dances

(a)  Netherfield (page 52)

(b)  Miss Bingley (page 51)

(c)  Sir William Lucas's (page 26)

(d)  Mary Bennet (page 25)

(e)  Charotte Lucas, Maria Lucas, Miss King, Elizabeth Bennet (page 13)


8.         The Gossip

(a)  Mrs. Bennet (page 71)

(b)  Mrs. Phillips (page 331)

(c)  Mr. Wickham (page 83)

(d)  Caroline Bingley (page 118)

(e)  Lady Lucas (page 9)

(f)  Mr. Collins (page 363)

(g)  Charlotte Lucas Collins (page 297)

(h)  Lydia Bennet (page 220)

(i)   Miss Bingley (page 94)

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