Persuasions #12, 1990                                                                                                                                            Page 4




News from St. Nicolas Church, Steventon



It is with the greatest pleasure that I send greetings to all your members and especially from the several residents in Steventon who have so enjoyed welcoming many of you as you visit St. Nicholas’ Church and on the special occasion of the visit in July of the tour group with Jack Grey.

It is 27th September as I write and we have just had two most joyous Harvest Festival Services.  St. Nicholas is decorated overall with the most lovely autumn flowers and fruits and after each service there have been refreshments in the Parish Hall and a chance for everyone to foregather.

Once again we have received most generous donations from your members to assist in the maintenance of our Church.  It was very special to receive some of these personally and to meet your President Eileen Sutherland and on another occasion Elsa Solender.  We hope that many of you will visit St. Nicholas in future years and know that you are so welcome to contact Joseph and me, or the Secretary of our Parochial Church Council, Jeremy Hopkins.  We wish you all every happiness and thank you sincerely for your friendship and generosity towards St. Nicholas’ Church.


Joyce Bown

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