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Persuasions Competition 1991


“Emma, in the meanwhile, could not be satisfied without a dinner at Hartfield for the Eltons.”

You are invited to stir your imaginations and compose a letter from Mrs. Elton to her sister, Selina Suckling at Maple Grove, describing that occasion.




1.  Open to JASNA members only.

2.  No more than 350 words.  Typed double-spaced.

3. Submit under a pseudonym only.  Attach to your ms. an envelope with your pseudonym on the OUTSIDE, your real name, address and pseudonym INSIDE the envelope.

4.  Post by September 1st to Gene Koppel, Editor, Persuasions, Department of English, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.




Report on Persuasions Competition 1990


In Persuasions No. 11, readers were invited to take characters and have them utter something in a light-hearted vein that they would never, never have said.  The judge was Cheryl McNiece of Tucson, AZ.  Here are the three winners and a selection of their quotes.


#l.  Nancy Cheshire of Tweed, Ontario.  MR. COLLINS: “Never apologize, never explain.”  “Brevity is the soul of wit.”  MRS. NORRIS “Let me light your fire.”  “It’s none of my business.”  MRS. JENNINGS: “I vant to be alone,” LUCY STEEL: “Honesty is the best policy,”  HENRY TILNEY: “Have a nice day!”  JOHN THORPE: “Hold your horses!”


#2   Eleanor Punkay of Chicago, Illinois.  MR. COLLINS: “I never allow a year to pass without the perusal of the novels of Mrs. Radcliffe.  MRS. NORRIS: “We cannot value our dear Fanny enough.  I cannot do without her.”  MRS. JENNINGS: “It is very unkind to tease young ladies about their lovers.”  LUCY STEELE: “I will release dear Edward from our engagement so that I can enter a convent.  I wish to serve humanity by leaving the world.”


#3 Emily Auerbach of Madison, Wisconsin.  MR. COLLINS: “There is no sin except stupidity.” – OSCAR WILDE.



The editors would like to apologize for a mistake in publishing last year’s contest results.  The second place essay by Margaret J. Larkin was published under the name of the first-place winner, Esther Schiedel.   We’re sorry!

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