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1991 Awards


The Henry G. Burke Grants for 1991 have been awarded as follows: to Joanne Forman, Ranchos de Taos, NM, to assist in the creation of a one-act opera based upon Lady Susan;  to JASNA Illinois Region (Joan Pawelski, Out Reach Chair), Chicago, to develop a handbook for teaching Jane Austen’s works in secondary schools; and to John McAleer, Boston, MA, for expenses in connection with the completion of his definitive biography of Jane Austen.






Henry G. Burke Grants


The Jane Austen Society of North America invites applications for support of projects on Jane Austen.  The Society will consider making awards from a fund of $5000 (U.S.) for one or more research or creative projects per year that will help to bring Jane Austen’s name before the public.  Such an award might enable the recipient to visit a special collection so as to complete an article, for instance; or to assemble a Jane Austen display in a school; or to present a dramatization in his or her locale; or to pay permission fees for quotations in a book on Jane Austen; etc.  To apply, write a letter describing your project and your qualifications for completing it, and specifying your financial needs, to Joan N. Brantz, Chair, JASNA Subcommittee on Henry G. Burke Grants, Briar House A-54, Elkins Park, PA 19117.

Deadline: applications should be postmarked on or before June 1, 1992.  Recipients will be notified by November 15.


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