Persuasions #13, 1991                                                                                                                         Pages 150-151

Answers for the Quiz at Ottawa

(Quiz answer references are from Chapman’s edition of The Novels of Jane Austen, Third Edition, Vol. IV.  Many thanks to Carol Ann Krug Graves from the Northern California Region of JASNA,  for her assistance with the quiz answers.)

1.  (a) The Prince Regent, the Prince of Wales.
     (b) The Prince requested it.

2. Henry, John, Bella, George (page 45), and Emma (page 99)

3.  Mr. Dixon (page 218)

4.  (a) Miss Hetty Bates (page 157) and Miss Jane Bates (page 163)
     (b) Miss Hetty Bates was the older daughter of Mrs. Bates, widow of the former vicar of Highbury. (page 21)
           Miss Jane Bates was the younger daughter who married Lieutenant Fairfax and was the mother of Jane Fairfax. (page 163)

5. (a) William Larkins (page 238)
    (b) Serle (page 24)

6. (a) Mr. George Knightley (page 20)
    (b) Mr. Woodhouse and Emma (page 7)
    (c) Mr. and Mrs. Weston (page 8)
    (d) Mr. Martin, Mrs. Martin (mother), Miss Martin, Miss Elizabeth Martin (page 27)
    (e) Mr. and Mrs. Suckling (page 272)

7. (a) 16 miles (page 7)
    (b) 9 miles (page 317)
    (c) 7 miles (page 367)

8. (a) Mr. Elton (page 111)
    (b) Mr. John Knightley

9. The sea-side (page 483)

10. (a) pearls
      (b) The Hartfield dinner party (292) and the ball at the Crowne Inn (page 324)
      (c) Ten thousand pounds (page 181)

11. interesting, plain muslin, figured, blue ribbon, yellow pattern (page 235)

12. (a) 23 (page 96)
      (b) 17 (page 22)
      (c) 21 (page 165)

13. "She is the natural daughter of nobody knows whom, with probably no settled provision at all, and certainly no respectable relations." (page 61)

14. (a) In trade (page 207)
      (b) Lawyer (page 79)
      (c) Farmer (page 23)
      (d) Woollen-draper, linen-draper and haberdasher (page 178), owner of Ford's (page 233)
      (e) Owner of Donwell Abbey (page 20), magistrate and farmer (page 100)
      (f) Apothecary (page 19)

15. (a) Serle (page 24)

16. (a) Hartfield pork, pork, pork, pork
      (b) Mr. Woodhouse spoke about pork (page 172)

17. Mr. Woodhouse (page 24)

18. Gruel (page 100)

19. baked apples, biscuits, fricassee, sweetbread, asparagus (page 329)

20. (a) turnip   (b) carrot    (c) parsnip  (page 172)

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