Persuasions #13, 1991                                                                                                                    Pages 150-151

The Quiz at Ottawa

Created by Helen and Ken Denman, Executrix, Ruth Bell

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Persons and Places

1.   (a) To whom did JA dedicate her novel, Emma?
       (b) Why?

2.   Names of the children of J. and I. Knightley?     

3.   Who rescued Jane Fairfax in a boating accident at Weymouth?

4.  Who were the Misses Bates?
      (a) Names?
      (b) Further identification?

5.   (a) Name of the farm manager of Donwell Abbey?
      (b) Name of the cook at Hartfield?

6.   Who lived in the following places?
       (a) Donwell Abbey
       (b) Hartfield
       (c) Randalls
       (d) Abbey Mill Farm
       (e) Maple Grove

7.  State the distance between:
     (a) Highbury and London
     (b) Richmond and Highbury
     (c) Box Hill and Highbury

8.  "With men he can be rational and unaffected, but when he has ladies to please every feature works."
     (a) Spoken of?
     (b) Spoken by?

9.  Destination of honeymoon of Emma and George?

10.  Mrs. Elton:
     (a) Her favorite jewelry?
     (b) Two occasions on which worn?
     (c) Her dowry?

11.  Complete the following sentence:
"Emma . . . then joined Harriet at the ________ counter, trying with all the force of her own mind, to convince her that if she wanted ________, it was no use to look at the ________; and that a ________, be it ever so beautiful, would still never match her ________."

12.  The ages of the following persons:
     (a) Frank Churchill
     (b) Harriet Smith
     (c) Jane Fairfax

13.  How was the social position of Harriet Smith described?

14.  Social position or occupation or profession of:
     (a) The Coles
     (b) John Knightley
     (c) Robert Martin
     (d) Mrs. Ford
     (e) George Knightley
     (f) Mr. Perry

Menus and Food Complete the following sentences:

15.  ________ understands boiling an egg as well as anyone.

16. (a) ". . . it is very small and delicate ______________ is not like any other ____________ but still it is __________, . . . no stomach can bear roast __________."
      (b) Who spoke about what?

17.  "An egg boiled very soft is not unwholesome," declared _____________.

18.  What is the best evening snack?

19.  While Mrs. Bates sat with Mr. Woodhouse during the Weston ball, they dined "on __________ and ___________, excellent in their way: but there was a delicate _________ of ___________ and some ___________ which good Mr. Woodhouse thought not quite boiled enough.

20.  Which vegetables did Mr. Woodhouse consider not unwholesome if eaten very moderately of?
      (a) ____________________  (b) ___________________ (c) _______________________

Winner of the Quiz, attending her first AGM, who handed in the only perfect paper, was Carol Medine, 2016 Kelton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025.

(Click here to see answers to the quizzes (not in the original publication of Persuasions Number 13))

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