Persuasions #15, 1993                                                                                                                                                  Pages 245-250


Photographs at Lake Louise



Bruce Stoval and Juliet McMaster co-ordinators of the Lake Louise Conference
with (centre) plenary speaker Elaine Showalter, Princeton, NJ


Margaret Drabble, UK and Lorraine Hanaway,
Wayne PA deep in convers


Two Regency belles: Debra Bentley and Martha Caprarotta of Dayton, Ohio

 The dance at Uppercross


Gail Sobat, who played Anne Elliot in "An Accident at Lyme"

Susan Schwartz, Portland, OR and Diane Levine, Larchmont, NY

Eileen Sutherland, Vancover, BC, past president, with Garnet Bass behind.

Sallie Wadsworth, Brookville, IN and Helen Lefroy, Winchester, UK.

Isobel Grundy, Edmonton, AB, plenary speaker

Garnet Bass, Raleigh, NC, President

Joyce Loney, Linthicum, MD, and the View

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