Persuasions #15, 1993                                                                                                                                                                            Page 264

Answers for the Quiz at Lake Louise

(Quiz answer references are from Chapman’s edition of The Novels of Jane Austen, Third Edition, Vol. II.  Many thanks to Leila Dooley, Regional Coordinator for the San Diego Region of JASNA,  for her assistance with the quiz answers.)

1. Richard Musgrove (page 52)

2.  A projecting tooth and freckles (page 35), a clumsy wrist (page 34)

3.  Captain Benwick (page 132)

4.  Captain Wentworth (page 28), Charles Musgrove (page 28), Anne Elliot (page 28), Elizabeth Elliot (page 8), and
            Lady Elliot (page 4)

5.  Captain Wentworth, Charles Musgrove, Mary Musgrove, Henrietta Musgrove, Louisa Musgrove, Anne Elliot (page 94)

6.  Mrs. Musgrove, Mrs. Croft, Captain Harville, Captain Wentworth (page 229)

7.  Mrs. Musgrove (page 68)

8.  Orange (page 22)

9.     (a) 27 (page 29)
        (b) 31 (page 125)
        (c) 54 (page 4)
        (d) 30 (page 105)
        (e) 20 (page 40)
        (f) 3  - Charles and Mary have been married just under 4 years when the book opens (page 1) 
                    and his younger brother is two (page 79) so Charles is probably 3
        (g) 30 (page 157)
        (h) 38 (page 48)

10.   (a) 3 miles (page 31)
        (b) 1/4 mile (page 36)
        (c) 2 miles (page 74)
        (d) 17 miles (page 94)
        (e) 50 miles (page 14)
        (f) 7 miles (page 216)

11.   (a) curricle (page 95)
        (b) barouche (page 174)
        (c) gig (page 73)
        (d) landaulette (page 250)
        (e) curricle (page 105)

12.   (a) leg (page 97)
        (b) collar-bone (page 53)
        (c) legs (page 152)
        (d) head (page 112)
        (e) heart (page 97)

13. Bermuda and Bahama (page 70)

14. Elizabeth Elliot for the death of Mr. Elliot's wife (page 8)

15. The part Captain Benwick played in rat-hunting in Mr. Musgrove's barn (page 219)

16. Mrs. Croft (page 259) in the Deleted Chapter 10

17. Telling Captain Benwick of Fanny Harville's death (page 108)

18. 1806 (page 63) was when it was a "great object" to be at sea (page 65) 
        as his engagement to Anne Elliot was over (page 63)

19. Autumn (page 84)

20. Lord Byron wrote Giaour (page 100)

21.   a) Anne Elliot hates Bath because she associates it with particularly unhappy periods in her life;
        she was sent to school in Bath after her mother died, and then spent the winter there with Lady 
        Russell after her break up with Captain Wentworth (page 14).

        b) Lady Russell loves Bath as it is the place of all her winter pleasures (page 135).

        c) Sir Walter likes Bath because he has taken the best house in Camden-place and his acquaintance 
        is much sought after (page 137).

        d) William Walter Elliot likes Bath because he can keep his eye on Sir Walter and Mrs. Clay (page 207).

        e) Admiral Croft likes Bath because he is always meeting old friends, has plenty of chat-- and has good 
     lodgings where he and Mrs. Croft can get away by themselves and be snug (page 170).

        f) Mrs. Smith likes Bath because the hot baths are good for her health, she can earn some money selling 
        little handmade articles, she has a good, honest landlady, and a good nurse (pages 154-155).

        g) Charles Musgrove likes Bath, as he enjoys the theatre (page 223) and he has the opportunity to see 
        a capital gun (page 240).

22.   (a) Captain Harville's sister (page 96)
        (b) Rector of Uppercross (page78)
        (c) Mary Musgrove's nursery-maid (page 45)
        (d) Apothecary at Uppercross (page54)
        (e) The Croft's servant. (page 259) in the Deleted Chapter 10
        (f) Lady Russell's husband (page 158)
        (g) in the audience of the Bathconcert (page 193)
        (h) a character from Cecilia by Fanny Burney, Anne compares herself to Miss Larolles at the Bath concert (page 189)

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