Persuasions #5, 1983                                                                                                                                            Page 3





Stir your imaginations and write for us a scene to take place at a ball between two characters from two different novels, e.g., Lady Catherine and Sir Walter Elliot; Lydia Bennet and Frank Churchill; Mr. Woodhouse and Lady Bertram. Winner will be published in Persuasions. Judges’ decision final. No correspondence please.


1. Open to members of JASNA only.

2. 500 words or less.

3. Typed double-spaced.

4. Use ANY two characters from two different novels.

5. Please submit under a pen name only. Attach to your ms. an envelope with the title of your piece and your pen name on the OUTSIDE. Your real name and address INSIDE the envelope.

6. Post by September 1st, 1984
          JASNA “Competition”
          Victoria, B.C. Canada

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