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If you look on the cover of Persuasions, you will notice that it is published on Jane Austen’s birthday. JASNA chapters, too, recognize the anniversary with meetings and celebrations.

For example, in the Chicago area Maggie Cohn was in charge of a December 11th brunch. There was a talk by Professor Gene Ruoff who is a Patron of the Society. In addition, there was music, a trivia quiz, and champagne.

Southern California had their annual birthday party at the Huntington Library in San Marino on the 10th. Professor Marvin Mudrick, also a Patron, spoke to the members. Catherine Fried’s chapter had a lunch with wine and a toast to Jane.

Enid Hildebrand came down from Toronto on the 13th to deliver a revised version of her talk on “Jane Austen and the Law.” Light refreshments were served and the New York chapter members were welcomed by Jack Grey.

In Savannah, Patricia Robinson-King hosted a program on the 17th featuring scenes from Pride and Prejudice by a local college theatre group followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Members write that they make it a practice to get together with some fellow-members for a few hours in mid-December. They tell me that next to reading Jane Austen, they enjoy talking about the novels. Anyone who has had the good fortune to attend our Annual General Meeting can attest to the truth of this. Why not put a note on your new calendar?

Hope to see you all in St. Louis in October for our Annual General Meeting?

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