Persuasions #7, 1985                                                                                                                                            Page 88




Joan Aiken is the author of Mansfield Revisited and the daughter of Conrad Aiken.  Islay Benson acted professionally for many years on Broadway and elsewhere.  Later she taught drama at a private school.  Now retired, she indulges her passions for opera and gardening.  Patrick Bizzarois Writing Center Director, East North Carolina University.  Martin Blumenauer competed in the Ottawa triathalon wearing a Jane Austen tee shirt.  Katheryn Broughton is a teacher in Ontario.  Henry Burke is a Founder of JASNA.  His wife, Alberta Burke, was a notable collector of JA.  Dean Cantrell is a professor of English at Berry College.  She has travelled extensively in Southern England following in the footsteps of JA.  Alistair Duckworth is the author of The Improvement of the Estate: A Study of Jane Austen’s Novels, and Fiction and Some Uses of the Country House Setting from Richardson to ScottKathleen Glancy, a Scot of Irish descent, born, educated and resident in Edinburgh.  Civil servant by profession, occasional (and very frivolous-minded Austen scholar for the pure pleasure of it.  Donald Greene is currently President of the (British) Johnson Society.  David Groves is the author of James Hogg: A Journey and editor of Tales of Love and Mystery by James Hogg.  Maggie Lane is the author of Jane Austen’s Family Through Five Generations and is currently working on a new book, Jane Austen’s EnglandEdith Lank writes a weekly real estate column.  Patricia Jo Kulisheck is a graduate student at the University of Minnesota.  Hugh D. McKellar is a Toronto author and teacher who is an authority on Anglican church matters.  Pamela Cook Miller specializes in speech and the art of reading aloud.  Ellen Smith received her Ph.D. from the University of Oregon.  She has taught at the Universities of Granada and Valladolid, Spain, at the latter as a Fulbright lecturer, and has lived in Argentina.