Pride and Prejudice in JASNA Publications

I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!

Although members of JASNA have pleasure in many things, they are also great readers and may want to prepare for this year’s AGM in Minneapolis, which celebrates the bicentenary of Pride and Prejudice.  The following essays—a small selection of the rich work of generations available in Persuasions and Persuasions On-Line—are offered as a reflection of the conference theme: “Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice . . . Timeless.”

Elizabeth and Darcy

“Laughing at Mr. Darcy: Wit and Sexuality in Pride and Prejudice by Elvira Casal.  Persuasions On-Line 22.1 (Winter, 2001)

“Jane Austen meets Carl Jung: Pride, Prejudice, and Personality Theory” by Jenny Rebecca Rytting.  Persuasions On-Line 22.1 (Winter, 2001)

“Secrets, Silence, and Surprise in Pride and Prejudice by Bruce Stovel.  Persuasions 18 (1989): 85-91

“Jane Austen and Elizabeth Bennet: The Limits of Irony” by Carole Moses.  Persuasions 25 (2003): 155-64.

“Neither Sex, Money, nor Power: Why Elizabeth Finally Says ‘Yes!’” by Elaine Bander.  Persuasions 34 (2012): 25-41.

“Darcy’s Intentions: Solving a Narrative Puzzle in Pride and Prejudice by Leo Rockas.  Persuasions 34 (2012): 201-06.

The Bennets

“‘Disarming Reproof’: Pride and Prejudice and the Power of Criticism” by Priscilla Gilman.  Persuasions 22 (2000): 218-29.

“How Not To Father: Mr. Bennet and Mary” by Gracia Fay Ellwood.  Persuasions On-Line 22.1 (Winter, 2001)

“Mr. Bennet and His Daughters” by Peter Sabor.  Persuasions 22 (2000): 230-39.

“Mrs. Bennet’s Least Favorite Daughter” by John Wiltshire.  Persuasions 23 (2001): 179-87.

“The Four Other Misses Bennet: Reflections of Elizabeth’s Developing Empathy” by Connie Chen.  High School Essay Contest Winner (2009)

Pemberley and Longbourn

“Pemberley Revisited” by Donald Greene.  Persuasions 1 (1979): 12, 14.

“‘A Fine House Richly Furnished’: Pemberley and the Visiting of Country Houses” by Stephen Clarke.  Persuasions 22 (2000): 199-217.

“The Probable Location of ‘Longbourn’ in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice” by Kenneth Smith.  Persuasions 27 (2003): 234-41.

“The Pemberley Effect: Austen’s Legacy to the Historic House Industry” by Sarah Parry.  Persuasions 30 (2008): 113-22

Ethical Questions and the Fictional World

“Sleeping with Mr. Collins” by Ruth Perry.  Persuasions 22 (2000): 119-35.

“‘Not a day went by without a solitary walk’: Elizabeth’s Pastoral World” by Mary Jane Curry.  Persuasions 22 (2000): 175-86.

“Practising the Virtues of Amiability and Civility in Pride and Prejudice by Sarah Emsley.  Persuasions 22 (2000): 187-98.

“An Open Invitation, or How to Read the Ethics of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice by Peter Mathews.  Persuasions 29 (2007): 245-54.

Jane Austen’s Development as a Writer

“Jane Austen’s Family of Fiction: From Henry and Eliza to Darcy and Eliza” by Joseph Wiesenfarth.  Persuasions On-Line 22.1 (Winter, 2001)

“Sisters Askew: ‘The Three Sisters’ and Pride and Prejudice by Leo Rockas.  Persuasions On-Line 33.1 (Winter, 2012).

Pride and Prejudice on Screen

Joe Wright’s 2005 film Pride & Prejudice is the subject of a special edition of JASNA’s journal Persuasions On-Line Volume 27, No. 2. The essays provide in-depth discussions of this film adaptation of the novel.

“‘It’s not a put-down, Miss Bennet; it’s a category’: Andrew Black’s Chick Lit Pride and Prejudice by Jennifer M. Woolston.  Persuasions On-Line 28.1 (Winter, 2007)

“Mrs. Bennet’s Legacy: Austen’s Mothers in Film and Fiction” by June Sturrock.  Persuasions On-Line 29.1 (Winter, 2008)

“The Liberation of Elizabeth Bennet in Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice by Susan Fraiman.  Persuasions On-Line 31.1 (Winter, 2010)

“Variations on a Theme: Openings, Closings, and Returns in Pride & Prejudice by Raffaella Antinucci.  Persuasions On-Line 33.1 (Winter, 2012)