Sex, Money and Power in Persuasions and Persuasions On-Line

The theme of the 2012 AGM in New York City is “Sex, Money and Power in Jane Austen’s Fiction.”  We invite you to sample some of the essays published in Persuasions and Persuasions On-Line to prepare you for this exciting AGM.


“Marianne’s Addiction: Amorous Pleasures in Sense and Sensibility by Kimiyo Ogawa.  Persuasions On-Line 32.2 (Sum. 2012).

“The Rushworths of Wimpole Street” by Laurie Kaplan.  Persuasions 33 (2011): 202-14.

“The Sibling Ideal in Jane Austen’s Novels: When Near Incest Really is Best” by Celia A. Easton.  Persuasions On-Line 30.1 (Win. 2009).

“The One-Sided Romance of Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy” by Joan Klingel Ray.  Persuasions On-Line 28.1 (Win. 2007).

“Sex and the Scullery: The New Pride & Prejudice by Jen Camden.  Persuasions On-Line 27.2 (Sum. 2007).

“The Offending Pig: Determinism in the Focus Features Pride & Prejudice by Kathleen Anderson.  Persuasions On-Line 27.2 (Sum. 2007).

“Sex, Debility, and Lady Bertram: Lover or Loafer?” by Pauline Beard.  Persuasions On-Line 27.1 (Winter, 2006).

“Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy: Stories” by Linda Robinson Walker.  Persuasions On-Line 27.1 (Win. 2006).

“Dance, Physicality, and Social Mobility in Jane Austen’s Persuasion by Cheryl A. Wilson.  Persuasions 25 (2003): 55-75.

“Pierce Egan’s Life in London, or Is This What Jane’s Gentlemen Were Up To When Their Author Wasn’t Looking?” by Joan Freilich.  Persuasions 24 (2002): 121-32.

“Jane Austen and Adultery” by Susannah Fullerton.  Persuasions 24 (2002): 143-63.

“On Pettiness and Petticoats: The Significance of the Petticoat in Pride and Prejudice by Efrat Margalit.  Persuasions On-Line 23.1 (Win. 2002).

“Laughing at Mr. Darcy: Wit and Sexuality in Pride and Prejudice by Elvira Casal.  Persuasions On-Line 22.1 (Winter, 2001).

“‘He to defend: I to punish’: Silence and the Duel in Sense and Sensibility by Vince Brewton.  Persuasions 23 (2001):78-89.

“Mrs. Bennet’s Least Favorite Daughter” by John Wiltshire.  Persuasions 23 (2001): 179-87.

“Sleeping with Mr. Collins” by Ruth Perry.  Persuasions 22 (2000): 119-35.

“Unlocking the Rape: An Analysis of Austen’s Use of Pope’s Symbolism in Sense and Sensibility by Catherine Bristow.  Persuasions 20 (1998): 31-37.

“Catherine’s Real and Imagined Fears: What Happens to Female Bodies in Gothic Castles” by Eleanor Ty.  Persuasions 20 (1998): 248-60.

“Power Houses and Polite Fiction” by Nicholas Preus.  Persuasions 17 (1995): 167-74.


“‘Wealth has much to do with it’: The Economics of Sense and Sensibility by Sheryl Craig.  Persuasions 33 (2011): 13-28.

Northanger Abbey: Money in the Bank” by Sheryl Craig.  Persuasions 32 (2010): 144-53.

“The Pemberley Effect: Austen’s Legacy to the Historic House Industry” by Sarah Parry.  Persuasions 30 (2008): 113-22.

“Pimp My Austen: The Commodification and Customization of Jane Austen” by Brandy Foster.  Persuasions On-Line 29.1 (Win. 2008).

“Caught Between Old and New: The Changing Face of Marriage in Austen and Tanizaki” by Aya Satoh.  Persuasions On-Line 28.2 (Spr. 2008).

“Trinkets and Treasures: Consuming Jane Austen” by Allison Thompson.  Persuasions On-Line 28.2 (Spr. 2008).

“Money, Morals, and Mansfield Park: The West Indies Revisited” by June Sturrock.  Persuasions 28 (2006): 176-84.

“‘The Value of a Good Income’: Money in Emma by Sheryl Bonar Craig.  Persuasions On-Line 22.1 (Win. 2001).

“‘Willy-Nilly’ and Other Tales of Male-Tails: Rightful and Wrongful Laws of Landed Property in Northanger Abbey and Beyond” by Deirdre E. Gilbert.  Persuasions On-Line 20.1 (Sum. 1999).

“Jane Austen’s Banker Brother: Henry Thomas Austen of Austen & Co., 1801-1816” by Clive Caplan.  Persuasions 20 (1998): 69-90.

“Consuming Modes in Northanger Abbey: Jane Austen’s Economic View of Literary Nationalism” by Robert Merrett.  Persuasions 20 (1998): 222-35.

“General Tilney and the Milsom Street Merchants-Brothers Under the Skin?” by Joan R. Vredenburgh.  Persuasions 19 (1997): 42-45.

Persuasion: The Jane Austen Consumer’s Guide” by Edward Copeland.  Persuasions 15 (1993): 111-23.

“How Wealthy is Mr. Darcy – Really?: Pounds and Dollars in the World of Pride and Prejudice by James Heldman.  Persuasions 12 (1990): 38-49.

“Austen, Forster, and Economics” by Shelly Dorsey.  Persuasions 12 (1990):54-59.


“Playing with Genesis: Sonship, Liberty, and Primogeniture in Sense and Sensibility by Joyce Kerr Tarpley.  Persuasions 33 (2011): 89-102.

Northanger Abbey, French Fiction, and the Affecting History of the Duchess of C***” by Gillian Dow.  Persuasions 32 (2010): 28-45.

“‘Let me go, Mr. Thorpe; Isabella, do not hold me!’: Northanger Abbey and the Domestic Gothic.” by Miriam Rheingold Fuller  Persuasions 32 (2010): 90-104.

“Jane Austen’s Miniature ‘Novel’: Gender, Politics, and Form in The Beautifull Cassandra by John C. Leffel.  Persuasions 32 (2010): 184-95.

“John Thorpe, Villain Ordinaire: The Modern Montoni/Schedoni” by Nancy Yee.  Persuasions On-Line 31.1 (Win. 2010).

“Ambiguous Cousinship: Mansfield Park and the Mansfield Family” by Christine Kenyon Jones.  Persuasions On-Line 31.1 (Win. 2010).

“Jane Austen’s Emma and Empire: A Postcolonial View” by Kuldip Kaur Kuwahara. Persuasions On-Line 25.1 (Win. 2004).

“Speaking of Silence: Speech and Silence as a Subversive Means of Power in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility by Michal Beth Dinkler.  Persuasions On-Line 25.1 (Win. 2004).

“Romance, Pedagogy and Power: Jane Austen Re-writes Madame de Genlis” by Susan Allen Ford.  Persuasions 21 (1999): 172-88.

“The Case of the Petulant Patriarch” by Kenneth W. Graham.  Persuasions 20 (1998): 119-34.

“Parents against Children: General Tilney as Gothic Monster” by John Dussinger.  Persuasions 20 (1998): 165-74.

“Jane Austen’s Case Study of Child Abuse: Fanny Price” by Joan Ray.  Persuasions 13 (1991): 16-26.

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