Austen’s Siblings in Fact and Fiction in JASNA Publications

Philadelphia AGM

Has the focus for the Philadelphia Annual General Meeting started you thinking about Jane Austen’s brothers and sisters? Consider what JASNA’s authors have already said. These informative and stimulating essays from Persuasions, Persuasions On-Line, and the JASNA Essay Contest provide insight into the Austen family, into the brothers and sisters in her fiction, and even into her relationship with a “sister” novelist.

The Austens

“Austen Brothers and Sisters” by Park Honan. Persuasions 10 (1988): 59-64.


“Henry Austen: Jane Austen’s ‘Perpetual Sunshine’” by J. David Grey. Persuasions Occasional Papers 1 (1984): 9-12.

“Henry Austen and the Cubbington Meeting” by Robert Bearman. Persuasions 10 (1988): 22-26.

“Jane Austen’s Soldier Brother: The Military Career of Captain Henry Thomas Austen” by Clive Caplan. Persuasions 18 (1996): 122-43.

“Henry Austen’s ‘Memoir of Miss Austen’” by David Gilson. Persuasions 19 (1997): 12-19.

“Jane Austen’s Banker Brother: Henry Thomas Austen of Austen & Co., 1801-1816” by Clive Caplan. Persuasions 20 (1998): 69-90


“Letter Writing, Cassandra, and the Conventions of Romantic Love” by Susan Morgan. Persuasions 14 (1992): 104-12.


“Francis Austen’s Logbooks.” Persuasions 4 (1982): 21-22.

“Jane Austen’s Sailor Brothers: Francis and Charles in Life and Art” by Brian Southam. Persuasions 25 (2003): 33-45.


“Our Little Brother” by J. David Grey. Persuasions 3 (1981): 9-11.

“Domesticity at Sea: The Example of Charles and Fanny Austen” by Deborah Kaplan. Persuasions 14 (1992): 113-21.

“Jane Austen’s Sailor Brothers: Francis and Charles in Life and Art” by Brian Southam. Persuasions 25 (2003): 33-45.

“Charles Austen: Prize Chaser and Prize Taker on the North American Station 1805-1808” by Sheila Johnson Kindred. Persuasions 26 (2004): 188-94.

The Fiction

“Born to Diverge: An Evolutionary Perspective on Sibling Personality Development in Jane Austen’s Novels” by Peter W. Graham. Persuasions On-Line 25.1 (2004).

“‘The three Sisters’: A ‘little bit of Ivory’” by Frances Beer. Persuasions 28 (2006): 238-50.

Pride and Prejudice

“Five Sisters and the Five Miss Bennets” by Katharine Broughton. Persuasions 7 (1985): 7-8.

“Sisterhood and Friendship in Pride and Prejudice by Deborah J. Knuth. Persuasions 11 (1989): 99-109.

“‘Precious Remains of the Earliest Attachment’: Sibling Love in Pride and Prejudice by Glenda A. Hudson. Persuasions 11 (1989): 125-31.

“Heads and Arms and Legs Enough: Jane Austen and Sibling Dynamics” by Kay Torney Souter. Persuasions 26 (2004): 176-87.

“George and Georgiana: Symmetries and Antitheses in Pride and Prejudice by Margie Burns. Persuasions 29 (2007): 227-33.

“Re-Discovering the Gardiner Family” by Joanna L. Thaler, first place student essay

“The Four Other Misses Bennet: Reflections of Elizabeth’s Developing Empathy” by Connie Chen, first place student essay

Mansfield Park

“Sibling Relationships in Mansfield Park by J. David Grey. Persuasions 2 (1980): 28-29.

“Troubled Sisterhood: When Sisters Become Rivals in Mansfield Park by Katherine E. Curtis, first place student essay

Sister Novelist

“Jane Austen and Anne Tyler, Sister Novelists Under the Skin: Comparison of Persuasion and Saint Maybe by Gene Koppel. Persuasions 15 (1993): 164-69.