Winning Essays for 2002

2002 Essay Topic: The World of Jane Austen: Social, Domestic, and Political

One of the signs of Austen’s authorial brilliance is that her novels offer riches for interpretation in many areas, including social, domestic, and political themes.  Pick one theme to discuss from this list:

High School Division

First Place Winner: Alexandra M. Baird, Toronto, ON
Essay: The Apt Scholar: Concepts of Women’s Education in Mansfield Park
Mentor: Professor John Baird
Second Place Winner: Alice Ann Spurgin, Dallas, TX
Essay: Etiquette, Irony, and Courtship in Emma

College/University Division

First Place Winner: Janice E. Mullally, Hamilton, ON
Essay: JOIN THE NAVY! - Mrs. Croft’s Subversion of Class and Gender Roles in Jane Austen’s Persuasion
Mentor: Dr. Anne Milne, Professor of English, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
Second Place Winner: Ashley L. Combest, Greenville, MS
Essay: Mr. Knightley: “Very Busy Over Parish Business”

Graduate Division

First Place Winner: Stephanie M. Eddleman, Marianna, AR
Essay: “The Family of Dashwood”: The Effect of Wills and Entailments on Family Connections in Sense and Sensibility
Mentor: Dr. Susan Allen Ford, Delta State University, Cleveland, MS
Second Place Winner: Haley F. Fishburn, Hopkinsville, KY
Essay: “Should not I now begin to teach you?”: Inchbald’s Amelia as Model for Women’s Sexual Education in Mansfield Park