Reading about Jane Austen’s Life

she herself should not be forgotten . . . whilst her writings still live

Collected here are essays about Jane Austen’s life from JASNA’s journals, Persuasions and Persuasions On-Line, and from JASNA News and this site.  A brief biography of Jane Austen is also available.

Family Connections

“Reading at Godmersham: Edward’s Library and Marianne’s Books” by Gillian Dow. Persuasions 37 (2015): 152-162.

George Austen’s Absence from Family Life: The Shifting Biographical Response by Patricia M. Ard. Persuasions On-Line 34.1 (2013).

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JASNA Members Discuss Austen on The Jane Austen Book Club DVD (Discussion of Harris Bigg-Wither), JASNA Website (2008).

Miss Austen Regrets: Brook Edward Bridges, by Elizabeth Philosophos Cooper. JASNA Website (2008).

Miss Austen Regrets: Charles Thomas Haden, by Elizabeth Philosophos Cooper. JASNA Website (2008).

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Before Chawton

“A Treasured Possession: Jane Austen and the Chandos Letter” by Karen Thomson. Persuasions On-Line 35.1 (2014).

“Jane Austen and the Subscription List to Camilla (1796)” by Jocelyn Harris. Persuasions On-Line 35.1 (2014).

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Chawton Years

Pride, Prejudice, and the Threat to Edward Knight’s Inheritance by Christine Grover. Persuasions On-Line 35.1 (2014).

“Jane Austen and the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge” by Jocelyn Harris. Persuasions 34 (2012): 134-39.

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Reviews of Biographies

The Real Jane Austen: A Life in Small Things by Paula Byrne, reviewed by Devoney Looser in JASNA News, Vol 30 No 1, Spring, 2014: 19.

May, Lou & Cass: Jane Austen’s Nieces in Ireland. by Sophia Hillan, reviewed by Susan Allen Ford in JASNA News, Vol 29 No 1, Spring, 2013: 19.

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