Editors Note

In Memoriam: Bruce Stovel


Mansfield Park as Greenhouse: The Effect of Education in Mansfield Park
Mary M. Chan

Attending the Interior Self: Fanny’s Task in Mansfield Park
Kerrie Savage

It is about Lovers’ Vows: Kotzebue, Inchbald, and the Players of Mansfield Park
Susan Allen Ford

Sex, Debility, and Lady Bertram: Lover or Loafer?
Pauline Beard

Once More with Feeling: The Structure of Mansfield Park
Bruce Stovel


Jane Austen’s Tribute to the Prince Regent:  A Gentleman Riddled with Difficulty
Colleen A. Sheehan

Lampooning the Prince: A Second Solution to the Charade in Emma
Colleen A. Sheehan

The Positioning Systems of Persuasion
Laura Mooneyham White

Your sincere Freind, The Author
Juliet McMaster

Justice in Epistolary Matters: Revised Rights and Deconstructed Duties in Austen
s Lady Susan
Betsy Winakur Tontiplaphol 

Henry Crawfords Reform  
Moreland Perkins

Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy: Stories
Linda Robinson Walker

Jane Austen Works and Studies 2005
Barry Roth

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Persuasions 28 includes more essays from the 2006 Annual General Meeting in Tucson:  Fresh Perspectives on Mansfield Park.  Highlights include John Wiltshire’s illustrated plenary talk on following in the footsteps of Fanny Price while editing the new Cambridge edition of the novel; essays by the other plenary speakers, Maggie Lane, Claudia Johnson, and Emily Auerbach; and a range of fresh perspectives, including considerations of music, film, mothers, money, and even a “psychotherapist’s report” that puts the Crawfords “on the Couch”!  The Miscellany features essays on dance, Bath water, Patrick O’Brian, and more.

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