“Formed for [an] Elegant and Rational Society”: Persuasions and Persuasions On-Line
Susan Allen Ford

In Memoriam: Barry Roth (1942-2008)


Anatomy of a Janeite: Results from The Jane Austen Survey 2008
Jeanne Kiefer

“An English Tale of the Ordinary Type”: Jane Austen’s Influence on James Fenimore Cooper
Barbara Alice Mann

List of Annotations in the Bellas copy of Lord Brabourne’s Letters of Jane Austen
Edith Lank

Jane of Green Gables: L. M. Montgomery’s Reworking of Austen’s Legacy
Miriam Rheingold Fuller

The Geese vs. the “Niminy Piminy Spinster”: Virginia Woolf Defends Jane Austen
Emily Auerbach

Miss J. Austen, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
Elaine Bander

Visualizing Jane Austen and Jane Austen Visualizing
Jeffrey A. Nigro

Mrs. Bennet’s Legacy: Austen’s Mothers in Film and Fiction
June Sturrock

Mr. Collins on Screen: Jane Austen’s Legacy of the Ridiculous
Mary M. Chan

From Cover to Cover: Packaging Jane Austen from Egerton to Kindle
Deirdre Gilbert


The Privilege of My Own Profession: The Living Legacy of Austen in the Classroom
Marcia McClintock Folsom

Exhibiting the Learning: Austen’s Legacy on Display
Phyllis Roth and Annette LeClair

Laughter over Tea: Jane Austen and Culinary Pedagogy
Natasha Aleksiuk Duquette


Pimp My Austen: The Commodification and Customization of Jane Austen
Brandy Foster

Becoming Shakespeare and Jane Austen in Love: An Intertextual Dialogue between Two Biopics
Marina Cano López and Rosa María García-Periago

A Thoroughly Elinor Sort of Way: Elinor’s Sensibility in Masterpiece’s Sense and Sensibility
Daniel R. Mangiavellano

“If Your Right Hand Offends You . . . ”: Anger and the Principle of Moral Regeneration in Mansfield Park
Summer J. Star

Fanny’s Moral Limits
Theodore M. Benditt

Persuasion Moves To Chicago: Rewriting Austen’s Classic in The Lake House
Marina Cano López

Jane Austen Bibliography, 2007
Deborah Barnum, published in Persuasions On-Line, V.32, No.1 (2011)

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