Editor’s Note
Susan Allen Ford

Brian Charles Southam (1931 – 2010)


Is Catherine a Lightweight? In Defense of Austen’s “Ignorant and Uninformed” Seventeen-Year-Old Heroine
David H. Bell

Henry Tilney: Portrait of the Hero as Beta Male
Peter W. Graham

John Thorpe, Villain Ordinaire: The Modern Montoni/Schedoni
Nancy Yee

“Conversation, or rather talk”: Autistic Spectrum Disorders and the Communication and Social Challenges of John Thorpe
Phyllis Ferguson Bottomer

Ingenious Torments, or Reading Instructive Texts in Northanger Abbey: The Mirror, The Rambler, and Conduct Books
Susan Allen Ford

The Rules of the Assembly: Dancing at Bath and Other Spas in the Eighteenth Century
Allison Thompson

“People that marry can never part”: An Intertextual Reading of Northanger Abbey
Ellen Moody

“The Grandeur of the Abbey”: Exploring Gothic Architecture in Novels by Helen Maria Williams, Ann Radcliffe, and Jane Austen
Natasha Duquette

“This roof was to be the roof of an abbey!” Touring Northanger Abbey and Other Enigmatic and Outrageous Country Houses
Sarah Parry

Mystery Meets Muslin: Regency Gothic Dress in Art, Fashion, and the Theater
Jeffrey A. Nigro

American Gothic: Edgar Allan Poe in the Shadows of Northanger Abbey
Elsie G. Holzwarth


Jane Austen’s Children
Juliet McMaster

Ambiguous Cousinship: Mansfield Park and the Mansfield Family
Christine Kenyon Jones

The Liberation of Elizabeth Bennet in Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice
Susan Fraiman

Looking Back in Desire; or How Jane Austen Rewrites Chick Lit in Alexandra Potter’s Me and Mr. Darcy
Marina Cano López

(De)Constructing Jane: Converting “Austen” in Film Responses
Karen B. Gevirtz

Playing With Jane Austen: Gender Identity and the Narrowing of Interpretation
Elise Barker

Our Austen: Fan Fiction in the Classroom
Amanda Gilroy

Jane Austen’s Death: The Long Reach of Typhus?
Linda Robinson Walker

Jane Austen Bibliography, 2009
Deborah Barnum


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