Editor’s Note
Susan Allen Ford


From Cecilia to Pride and Prejudice: “What becomes of the moral?”
Elaine Bander

“A Fine House Richly Furnished”: A Look at Pemberley and its Owner
Kristen Miller Zohn

Reading Portraits at Pemberley
Jeffrey A. Nigro

Mr. Collins Interrupted: Reading Fordyce’s Sermons with Pride and Prejudice
Susan Allen Ford

Anne De Bourgh Smiles
Theresa M. Kenney

Picturing Pride and Prejudice: Reading Two Illustrated Editions of the 1890s
Sarah M. Horowitz

“Will You Dance?” Film Adaptations of Pride and Prejudice
Nora Stovel


George Austen’s Absence from Family Life: The Shifting Biographical Response
Patricia M. Ard

Edward Knight’s Inheritance: The Chawton, Godmersham, and Winchester Estates
Christine Grover

Austen’s Bath and Bath’s Jane: Austen Writing the City and Its Twenty-first-century Marketing of Heritage Jane
Gill Ballinger

Henry Tilney: Queer Hero of Northanger Abbey
Sarah Eason

Jane Austen, The Second Anglo-Mysore War, and Colonel Brandon’s Forcible Circumcision: A Rereading of Sense and Sensibility
Linda Robinson Walker

Elizabeth Bennet, the Socrates of Descriptive Reason
Brett Bourbon

“[T]hey both like Vingt-un better than Commerce”: Characterization and Card Games in Pride and Prejudice
M. W. Brumit

The Degeneration of Mr. Bingley
Sally B. Palmer

When Darcy Is a Dog: How Wishbone Introduces Children to Jane Austen
Eleanor Hersey Nickel

Ideology in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Lori Halvorsen Zerne

Mansfield Park and Metropolitan: Austen’s Morality in Whit Stillman’s Modern World
Amanda Marie Kubic

Bollywoodizing Jane Austen’s Emma: Rajshree Ojha’s Aisha
Rosa M. García-Periago

Jane Austen Bibliography, 2012
Deborah Barnum


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