PERSUASIONS ON-LINE V.37, NO.1 (Winter 2016)

Jane Austen Bibliography, 2015

Deborah Barnum


Deborah Barnum (email: is a former law librarian, now a bookseller of fine and collectible books, the Regional Coordinator for the JASNA Vermont Region, and an inveterate reader and collector of bibliographies.


A few words on format: the Bibliography has five sections:


  1. Austen Editions:  original works, under Austen if no extensive annotation or editing is involved; otherwise, under the editor’s name

  2. Austen Circle:  original works/editions by and about Austen family members and friends

  3. Austen Studies:  biographical, critical, and interpretive works

  4. Dissertations:  a select, rather than exhaustive, list of works specifically on Austen

  5. Popular Culture:  sequels, continuations, mash-ups, films, merchandise, etc.

Explanatory notes are at the end of the document.



1. Austen Editions


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2. Austen Circle


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3. Austen Studies


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Notes on the Jane Austen Bibliography, 2015:


1. Style:  the bibliography follows the MLA 7th edition with this major exception:  the medium qualifier is added only for non-print titles (i.e., Web, Film, CD, DVD, Ebook, etc.).  Alphabetization follows the NISO rules rather than MLA: a blank space comes before a number or a letter in filing (e.g., Le Faye comes before Leal) rather than letter-by-letter order.


2. Cross-references are used for works in essay collections or anthologies to minimize repetition:  the citation refers to the author/editor and page numbers only; the full citation appears under the author or editor.


3. Annotations are included only for those entries where title alone is not self-explanatory.


4. Reprint editions:  the past few years have seen an inordinate number of reprints of older editions, critical works, and biographies, as well as an increased number of books available electronically.  At this point, Editor Susan Allen Ford and I agree that all cannot possibly be listed:  we will only see an increase in such works as the reprint publishers, POD suppliers, and ebook companies continue their efforts to make such works available.  I would just make note of this fact and encourage you to search online for older titles you might be looking for to see if they are available in these newer formats, and also alert you that what looks like a new work might actually be a reprint of an older work, and perhaps less expensive in its original edition.


5. Paperback reprints:  will be included in the annual bibliography only if published four or more years after the original edition.


6. US/UK publication:  as a number of works are published in the US and the UK in different years, an effort will be made to include each publication in its publication year, with variations in titles noted.


7. Popular Culture:  this category includes sequels, continuations, mash-ups, adaptations, films, merchandise, etc.  As there are a number of works that are self-published in this area, I have listed those that are readily available for purchase online that show a title and copyright page and an ISBN number.  Those titles having no place of publication or publisher noted are cited as “[Author], date.”


8. Kindle/ebooks:  if a work is published only as an ebook, it will not be cited.  Exceptions will be decided on a case-by-case basis.


9. Book reviews:  a review of a work on Jane Austen is generally not cited unless it is a substantive essay in its own right.


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