No. 1, December 16, 1979

Editor: Joan Austen-Leigh


Board of Directors
President’s Report J. David Grey
Brief highlights of the meeting
St. Nicholas Appeal George H. Tucker
Our First Dinner Lorraine Hanaway
Pemberley Revisited Donald Greene
The Picturesque in Pride and Prejudice A. Walton Litz
A Member’s First Pilgrimage to Winchester Hilma D. Barrett
Some notes on the “parish business” in Emma Cathy Fried
Telegram from the Jane Austen Society
Letter from James T. Farrell
Quiz Angela Addison
Meeting aboard the Elizabeth Bennet

The drawings used throughout this issue are by Warren Chappell, who graciously gave permission to use them (from his illustrated Jane Austen, Random House).

Jane Austen Society of North America, Inc. All rights reserved. Contributors retain their individual copyrights.
Online edition published August, 2009.

Drawing from the cover of Persuasion No. 1
by Pamela Susan Koppel, age 15, of Tucson, Arizona

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