No. 10, December 16, 1988

Editors: Joan Austen-Leigh, Lorraine Hanaway, Gene Koppel


President’s Letter Eileen Sutherland
A Note from the Past President Lorraine Hanaway
Chicago A Lady
Jane Austen and the Anti-Heroic Tradition Mary DeForest
Poem:  Reflections at a Jane Austen Meeting Rhea R. Hilkevitch
Henry Austen and the Cubbington Living Robert Bearman
Jane Austen in Scotland:  Part Two  David Groves
The Ships in Mansfield Park William Jarvis
Jane Austen’s Use of Frank Churchill’s Letter in Emma Patricia D. Davis
Jane Austen’s Persuasion and the French Revolution Jennifer Fitzgerald
Note:  Another Possible Source for the Title, Pride and Prejudice Charles Issawi
Kipling, “Jane’s Marriage,” and “The Janeites” James Heldman
Jane Austen and the Other Emma Mary Millard
Report and Winners, 1988 Persuasions Competition
Persuasions Competition 1989
Report and Winners, 1988 Literary Competition for Undergraduates
1989 JASNA Literary Competition
Note:  A Correction to “Fanny Knight’s Diaries,” in Persuasions, Occasional Papers No. 2 Deirdre LeFaye


Jane Austen’s England Julia Prewitt Brown
The Austen Brothers and Sisters Park Honan
The “Family Influence” on Jane Austen’s Juvenilia Deborah Kaplan
Propriety versus Morality in Jane Austen’s Novels Jane Nardin
“Woman’s Place” in Jane Austen’s England Barbara W. Swords
Jane Austen and the Political Passions Mollie Sandock
Fact and Fantasy:  Jane Austen’s Childhood Reading Farnell Parsons
Poem:  No Persuasion Virginia Golden
“The Beautifull Cassandra” Illustrated    Juliet McMaster
Seen But Not Heard:  Servants in Jane Austen’s England Judith Terry
Views from Both Directions:  Courtship and Marriage in Letters and Diaries from the Age of Jane Austen Paula Stepankowsky and 
Conrad K. Harper
In Search of Jane Austen Catherine Kenny
Quiz: The Cultural Background of the Novels
Quiz Answers

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