No. 12, December 16, 1990

Editors: Joan Austen-Leigh, Lorraine Hanaway, Gene Koppel


President’s Letter Eileen Sutherland
News from St. Nicholas’ Church, Steventon Joyce Bown
Henry J. Burke Grants
Jane Austen Study Weekend  in Bath, 1992 Maggie Lane
Highlights of our Annual General Meeting Robert Hunting
Juliet’s Own Darling Child Juliet McMaster
Jane Austen as an Historical Novelist;  Sense and Sensibility    Karl Kroeber
Jane Austen’s Sexual Politics Susan Morgan, Susan Kneedler  
Sense and “Non-Sense” in Eight Jane Austen Biographies Keiko Parker
Forms of Address and Titles in  Jane Austen Joan Austen-Leigh
How Wealthy is Mr. Darcy – Really? James Heldman
Jane Austen and Her Outdoors Lisa Altomari
Austen, Forster, and Economics Shelly Dorsey
The Fall on High-church Down Sharlene Roeder
Portsmouth in Jane Austen’s Time B.C. Thomas
The Theater in Southampton Mary Belle Swingle
The Ellesmeres and the Elliots Stephen Derry
Sir Louis de Bourgh Stephen Derry


The Problem of the Interesting Patricia Meyer Spacks
Living in Chawton Cottage Jean K. Bowden
At Chawton Barbara Shoup
Dining at the Great House Eileen Sutherland
Imperfect Articulation: A Saving Instability Thorell Tsomondi
Virginia Woolf Reads Jane Austen Judith Lee
Medicine and Disease in Jane Austen’s England Laurie and Richard Kaplan
Whose Sense?  Whose Sensibility? Eva Brann
Winning Essay,  1990 JASNA Literary Competition    Inger Sigrun Thomsen
Persuasions Competition, 1990
1991 JASNA Literary Competition
Speech by Mrs. Elton of JASNA-IL, Summer, 1990 Eleanor Punkay
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