No. 13, December 16, 1991

Editors: Joan Austen-Leigh, Lorraine Hanaway, Gene Koppel


News from St. Nicholas’ Church, Steventon Joyce Bown
Henry J. Burke Grants
Highlights of our Annual General Meeting Robert Hunting
Group Voices in Jane Austen’s Narration Kenneth Moler
Mrs. Palmer and Her Laughter Mary Jane Humphrey
Jane Austen’s Case Study of Child Abuse: Fanny Price Joan Klingel Ray
At Jane Austen’s Grave (poem) Maggie Hunt-Cohn
Apricots, Raspberries, and Susan Price! Susan Price!:  Mansfield Park and Maria Edgeworth Kathleen L. Fowler
“Without Impropriety”:  Maria Jane Jewsbury on Jane Austen Joanne Wilkes
Jane Austen and Madame de StaŽl C.F. Viveash
Have you remembered to collect peices (sic) for the patchwork Karen Fredrickson,
Patricia Latkin
Pounds and Dollars in Jane Austen’s World James Heldman
Darcy’s Wealth:  An Addendum Mary Mogford


Free Indirect Discourse and the Clever Heroine of Emma Louise Flavin
Emma’s Search for a True Friend Bruce Stovel
Dedication of  Emma
What a Biographer can learn about Jane Austen from Emma John McAleer
Canadian Connections of Jane Austen’s and her Circle Hugh McKellar
“Finished up to nature”: Walter Scott's Review of Emma Peter Sabor
Fiction and Fiction-Making:  Emma and the Gypsies Miriam Mandel
Jane Austen and the MTV Generation:  Teaching Jane Austen at a Community College Mary Gaither Marshall
Governess or Governor?:  The mentor/pupil relation in Emma Jacqueline Reid-Walsh
JASNA Conference 1993:  Call for Papers
The Secret Languages of Emma Juliet McMaster
Jane Austen:  Images of the Body:  No Fingers, No Toes Carol Shields
The Mystery of Emma, or the Consummate Case of the Least Likely Heroine  Catherine Kenny
1991 JASNA Literary Competition
Persuasions Competition, 1992
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