No. 15, December 16, 1993

Editors: Joan Austen-Leigh, Lorraine Hanaway, Gene Koppel


In Memory of Jack Grey (1935-1993) David Gilson
The Founding of JASNA Joan Austen-Leigh
News from St. Nicholas’ Church, Steventon Joyce Bown
Message from the President Garnet Bass
JASNA Meets at Lake Louise a Janeite
Jane on Stage: Review of An Accident at Lyme Judith Terry
In the Service of Comedy Donna Streeto
Macaulay and Miss Austen Anita Fielding
Jane Austen and the Rajah of Sarawak Anne Tagge
Pride and Prejudice and Framley Parsonage: A Structural Resemblance Barbara Horwitz
Jane Austen’s Use of Measure for Measure in Sense and Sensibility Stephen Derry
Persuasive Pairs Tina Hall
Jane Austen’s “Susan” Restored Arthur M. Axelrad
The Crofts and the Art of Suggestion in Persuasion: A Speculation James Heldman
Out of the Estate and into the Rescue Boat Suzy Clarkson Holstein
The Rise and Fall of the House of Elliot Eileen Sutherland
Looking for Jane in All the Wrong Places: Collecting Books in Gilson’s Category J Patricia Latkin
Jane Austen Works and Studies, 1993 Patricia Latkin


An Introduction to Margaret Drabble Nora Foster Stovel
The Dower House at Kellynch—A Somerset Romance Margaret Drabble
Persuasion: or, The Triumph of Cheerfulness Isobel Grundy
Retrenchment Elaine Showalter
Persuasion: The Jane Austen Consumer’s Guide Edward Copeland
Blair’s Rhetoric and the Art of Persuasion Elaine Bander
Private and Public in Persuasion Julia Prewitt Brown
“My sore throats, you know, are always worse than anybody’s” Mary Musgrove and Jane Austen’s Art of Whining Jan Fergus
“There is so little real friendship in the world”: “Distant civility,” conversational “treat[s],” and good advice in Persuasion Deborah J. Knuth
Persuasion: The Accidents of Human Life Laurie Kaplan
Jane Austen and Anne Tyler, Sister Novelists Under the Skin: Comparison of Persuasion and Saint Maybe Gene Koppel
Professional Persuasion: Dr. Anne Elliot Barbara McLean
The Adventures of The Beautifull Cassandra and The Beautifull Jane Juliet McMaster
Persuasion and the Presence of Scott Jane Millgate
Love Comes to Penelope Clay Elizabeth Newark
Reconfiguring the Family in Persuasion   Tess O'Toole
In Defense of Lady Russell; or, the Godmother Knew Best  Joan Klingel Ray
“She Learned Romance as She Grew Older”: From Conduct Book Propriety to Romance in Persuasion Jacqueline Reid-Walsh
The Slow Process of Persuasion Judith Terry
Persuasion and Persuadability: When Vanity is Virtue Inger Sigrun Thomsen
Photographs at Lake Louise Joyce Loney
The Reversal of Gender Roles in Persuasion Joshua J. Masters
Jane Austen’s Staffordshire Cousin: Edward Cooper and His Circle Gaye King
The Sixth Annual JASNA Literary Competition Mary Gaither Marshall
“Suspense and Indecision” Austen’s Revision of Persuasion   Ray Tumbleson
Quiz on Persuasion at Lake Louise Bruce Stovel

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Online edition published March, 2006.

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