No. 16, December 16, 1994


Editorial The Editors Page 3
News from St. Nicholas Church, Steventon Joyce Bown Page 4
Message from the President Garnet Bass Pages 5-6
Desperately Seeking Jane—in New Orleans The Diligent Observer Pages 7-9
Taken at New Orleans, photos Joyce Loney Pages 10-15
Jane Austen—The Divine and the Donkey Chris Viveash Pages 16-20 
Lady Catherine: A Castle Built on Sand? Sarah Frances Croft,
Mary Lee Moldenhauer
Pages 21-24
Sources of Chapter Two of Sense and Sensibility Stephen Derry Pages 25-27
“Janeite” at 100 Lorraine Hanaway Pages 28-29
Jane Austen and a Family Elopement Margaret Wilson Pages 30-31
Saint Jane Denise Blue Pages 32-33
Persuasion, Vol. IV, Chapter XI  John K. Hale Pages 34-35
“Of which I avow myself the Authoress . . . J. Austen”: 
The Jane Austen-Richard Crosby Correspondence
Arthur M. Axelrad Pages 36-38
“Unvarying, warm admiration everywhere”: The Truths about Wentworth Barbara K. Seeber, 
Kathleen James-Cavan
Pages 39-47
Tithes and the Rural Clergyman in Jane Austen’s England Eileen Sutherland Pages 48-54
In Defence of George Austen Jocelyn Creigh Cass Pages 55-62
Jane Austen Works and Studies Patricia Latkin Pages 63-67


A Regency Walking Dress and Other Disguises: 
Jane Austen and the Big Novel
Margaret Anne Doody Pages 69-84
The Imprudence of Being Prinny Christopher A. Kent Pages 85-94
Austen and Empire: A Thinking Woman’s Guide to British Imperialism Ruth Perry Pages 95-106
The Revolution of Civility in Pride and Prejudice Joseph Wiesenfarth Pages 107-114
“Entering the World” of Regency Society: the Ballroom Scenes in 
Northanger Abbey
, “The Watsons” and Mansfield Park 
Jacqueline Reid-Walsh Pages 115-124
Jane Austen, Feminist Literary Criticism, and a Fourth “R”: Reassessment Devoney Looser Pages 125-134 
Women’s Education During the Regency: Jane Austen’s Quiet Rebellion Barbara Horwitz Pages 135-146
Jane Austen: Revolutionizing Masculinities Joseph A. Kestner Pages 147-160
Rebelling Against the Regency: Jane Austen and Margaret Drabble Nora Foster Stovel Pages 161-174
Romanticism, a Romance: Jane Austen and Lord Byron, 1813-1815 Rachel M. Brownstein Page 175-184
“‘A Nation Improving in Religion’: 
Jane Austen’s Prayers and Their Place in Her Life and Art”
Bruce Stovel Pages 185-196
Jane Austen’s “Susan” Restored Arthur Axelrad Pages 197-198
Quiz Pages 199-200
Cumulative Index to Persuasions Volume 1-15, 1979-1993 , JASNA Pages 204-216

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