No. 3, December 16, 1981

Editor: Joan Austen-Leigh


Steventon Church Joan Austen-Leigh
From the (Past) President J. David Grey
Board of Directors
The Extraordinary Fate of Marianne Dashwood Mary Millard
The Apprenticeship of Elinor Dashwood June M. Frazer
On Being a Japanese Janeite Keiko Kimura Parker
Bloomsbury and Jane Austen
Our Little Brother J. David Grey
Portraits of Jane Austen Helen C. Denman
Jane Austen and the Traditions of Comic Aggression Ian Watt
San Francisco: The Meeting by the Organizer Marilyn Sachs
San Francisco: The Meeting by a Participant Lorraine Hanaway
The Austen Appetite Margaret Kaufman
Walter Murdoch and Jane Austen Margaret Diane Stetz
Jane Austen in the Octopus Islands Joan Austen-Leigh
Answers to “Jane Austen in the Octopus Islands” Quotes Joan Austen-Leigh
The Chawton Letters H. F. Ellis
Regional News

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