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It was a humbling affair for me this summer, to assist the tiny band of devoted ladies who lovingly care for St. Nicholas.

Every week these few faithful women walk or drive half a mile up the shady lane to where the little grey church stands quite alone in the centre of the graveyard. They take their own implements, sweep the floor, vacuum the carpet, dust the pews and polish the brass. From their gardens they bring wonderful English flowers to grace the old stone walls. “We do it all the year round,” explained Joyce Bown, “in the summer twice a week. You see we never know when visitors will come from some far corner of the world to see Jane’s church, and we want it to look its best.”

It’s a work of true dedication. Steventon is a remote village of scattered cottages and farms, not even possessing a village shop. The maintenance and upkeep of St. Nicholas depends entirely on a few dozen souls, and the smallness of the congregations make the church constantly in danger of being declared in excess.

We members of JASNA do something very valuable indeed if we help to support St. Nicholas. Even a dollar or two is worthwhile and coming from each one of us would build to a handsome sum. Sent in with your subscription, your donation will be forwarded to Mrs. Bown, secretary to the Church Council.

Any members of JASNA who are visiting Steventon are most welcome to call upon Mrs. Bown at her home, Bassett’s Farm. If you are in the neighborhood on a Sunday you might attend Divine Service – as I did. Shades of Austens, Knights and Digweeds come crowding round. An unforgettable experience.

J. A-L

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