No. 4, December 16, 1982


Editorial Joan Austen-Leigh
President’s Letter Joe Costa
Board of Directors
Report: St. Nicholas Church, Steventon
Lord David Cecil Maurine Witte
Eliza de Feuillide’s Grave
Critic’s Notebook Walter Kerr
Emma and Elizabeth Bennet in Conversation Patricia Shepherd
Chawton Cottage Transfigured Joan Austen-Leigh
Porcine Tittle-Tattle D. Dean Cantrell
Jane Austen’s Hidden Message to a Publisher Eileen Morris
*Jane Austen’s Sailors: Gentlemen in the Military Capacity John Hart
Francis Austen’s Logbooks
Greetings from Her Majesty
The Meeting in Toronto Doyle Klyn
*Hospitality Juliet McMaster
*Jane Austen and the Law Enid Hildebrand
Friends and Foes Katherine Mansfield
Puzzle Maggie Lane

* Speeches, slightly abridged, given in Toronto

Jane Austen Society of North America, Inc. All rights reserved. Contributors retain their individual copyrights.
Online edition published February, 2009.

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