No. 5, December 16, 1983


Editorial Joan Austen-Leigh
President’s Letter Joe Costa
St. Nicholas Church, Steventon
The Two Picnics in Emma David Groves
Jane Austen, Oxford and Cambridge: Pride and Prejudice Charles Issawi
Little Ado About Dating Jane Austen D. Dean Cantrell
Cartoon from The Architectural Record Charles Saxon
A Little Query on Mr. and Mrs. Keiko Kimura Parker
Do You Not Dance, Mr. Elton? Mary Millard
On Reading Emma for the First Time, Age Seventeen Ann C. L. Hanaway
We Beg to Differ, Caroline Patricia M. Shepherd
“Despite a Lack of Singles Bars, …” (Los Angeles Times) Jack Smith
The Philadelphia Meeting Eileen Sutherland
The Bookshop
Emma Quiz
Quiz Answers
Who Attended the Philadelphia Meeting Lorraine Hanaway
Godmersham Joan Austen-Leigh
Cultural Attitudes (poem) Virginia Golden
Emma, Emma, and the Question of Feminism Wayne C. Booth
The Powers of the Instrument: or Jane, Frank and the Pianoforte Judith Wilt
“The True English Style” Mary Poovey
Jane Austen Commemorative Stamps

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Online edition published February, 2009.

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