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K. K. Collins is the author of “Mrs. Smith and the morality of Persuasion,” in Nineteenth Century Fiction, Jane Austen 1775-1975. Beverly Gherman is a freelance writer. As is true of converts, she now spreads the virtues of JA to all who will listen. Donald Greene of the University of Southern California, was a speaker at JASNA’s first meeting. He is a noted Johnsonian scholar. David R. Groves is the author of James Hogg: A Journey and editor of The Three Perils of Woman. Alice Hufstader came to her interest in JA through her articles and lecture-recitals on the music and letters of Georgian England. Her book on “female pens” is entitled Sisters of the Quill. Rhonda Keith writes of her piece, “of course a very minor note, but of interest to me because Jane Austen’s voice is so distinct, every variation does surprise.” Gene Koppel is on the Board of JASNA and has been a dedicated and active member in many departments including the publications Committee. Patricia Jo Kulisheck is a member of the Friends of the Curtis Museum and a candidate for the master’s degree in history at the University of Minnesota. Hugh D. McKellar is a Toronto hymnologist, author, journalist, teacher, chorister, pianist and organist. P. Scott Marshall is a lawyer in Annandale, Virginia. Mary Millard was co-ordinator of the Toronto Conference in 1982, and is the author of Economics: A Search for Patterns. Jo Modert is a freelance book reviewer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. She has received grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the New York Chapter of JASNA to help up-date R. W. Chapman’s list of the location and ownership of all known JA letters. Kenneth L. Moler is a JASNA patron and the author of Jane Austen’s Art of Allusion and a number of scholarly articles on JA. Keiko Parker, a “Japanese Janeite,” is one of our most enthusiastic members and a frequent contributor to these pages. Gene Ruoff is a patron of JASNA and the author of “Anne Elliot’s dowry: reflections on the ending of Persuasion,” in Wordsworth Circle, Autumn 1976. Eileen Sutherland is a dedicated and knowledgeable regional co-ordinator, a member of the Board and will be chairman of the Vancouver Conference in 1986. Robert K. Wallace is familiar in the fields of both music and literature. He is the author of Jane Austen and Mozart and also of a cassette on JA and Emily Bronte.

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