No. 6, December 16, 1984


Editorial Joan Austen-Leigh
President’s Letter Lorraine Hanaway
Steventon Church
Attending Divine Service in the Revd. George Austen’s Day Hugh D. McKellar
Some Verbal Tactics of General Tilney Kenneth L. Moler
Knowing One’s Species Better: Social Satire in Persuasion David Groves
Something You May Have Overlooked in Alton Patricia Jo Kulisheck
Here for the First Time, A Jane Austen Letter Jo Modert
*Family Patterns in Persuasion Alice Hufstader
Hungry for Jane Austen Beverly Gherman
St. Louis 1984—A Personal Account Keiko Parker
Jane Austen and Shakespeare Rhonda Keith
A Partial Pedigree of Jane Austen Donald Greene
*Persuasion and Mozart’s Last Piano Concerto Robert K. Wallace
The Fortune of the Misses Elliot Mary Millard
The House of the Rising Sun Stephen Glover
Oxford English Dictionary and JA Eileen Sutherland
*Prejudice, Persuasion, and the Puzzle of Mrs. Smith K. K. Collins
*Techniques of Persuasion in Persuasion—A Lawyer’s Viewpoint P. Scott Marshall
*The Mystery of the Self in Persuasion Gene Koppel
*The Triumph of Persuasion: Jane Austen and the Creation of Woman Gene W. Ruoff
“Recommendations to Shops”
Quiz on Persuasion
Quiz Answers

* A presentation at St. Louis.

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