No. 7, December 16, 1985


Editorial Joan Austen-Leigh Page 2
News from Steventon Joyce Bown Page 3
President’s Letter Lorraine Hanaway Pages 4-6
Five Sisters and the Five Miss Bennets Katheryn Broughton Pages 7-8
Pronunciation of “Northanger” Henry Burke Page 8
My dear Cassy, Letter No. 136 Page 9
The Savannah Conference Martin Blumenauer Pages 11-13
“The word was blunder”: Who was Harriet Smith’s Mother? Edith Lank Pages 14-15
Summary of Translations by Frequency of Language Henry Burke Page 16
Seeking Jane in Foreign Tongues Henry Burke Pages 17-20
“Lop’t and Crop’t” Edith Lank Page 20
Spanish Translations of Northanger Abbey Ellen Smith Pages 21-27
“The Profession of a Clergyman” Hugh D. McKellar Pages 28-34
Jane Austen and the Power of the Spoken Word Pamela Cook Miller Pages 35-38
Steventon Parsonage Patricia Jo Kulisheck Pages 39-40
Read, Mark, Learn Islay Benson Page 41
How Might Jane Austen Have Revised Northanger Abbey Joan Aiken Pages 42-54
Jane Austen’s Bath (with map) Maggie Lane Page 55-57
Hamstall Ridware: A Neglected Austen Setting Donald Greene Pages 58-61
The Tilneys and the Bennets Kathleen Glancy Pages 62-65
Jane Austen in Scotland David Groves Page 66
Jane Austen’s Accommodations Alistair M. Duckworth Pages 67-77
Blaise Castle Maggie Lane Pages 78-81
Global and Contextual Humor in Northanger Abbey Patick Bizzarro Pages 82-88
Contributors Page 88
“Her Passion for Ancient Edifices” D. Dean Cantrell Pages 89-93
Competition Pages 94-95
Quiz: Northanger Abbey Page 96

Articles copyright 1985 by the authors
Online edition published April, 2014.

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