Jane Austen Society of North America
2008 Annual General Meeting, Chicago, Illinois
October 2-5

"Jane Austen's Legacy: Life, Love, & Laughter"

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 Plenary Speakers

North American Scholars Lecture - Panel
“How far across countries, cultures and disciplines does Jane Austen’s legacy reach?”

The legacy of Jane Austen extends far beyond Regency England to modern times, distant hemispheres, and disciplines as diverse as literature, landscape design, and botany. The panel will consider the influence Austen exerts on some of the world’s finest novelists and artists, as well as the many popular tributes paid to the author by her readers from Europe, Asia, America, and beyond.

Panel members include Inger Sigrun Brodey, Paula Cohen, Gillian Dow, Peter Graham and Elisabeth Lenckos.  Elisabeth Lenckos will lead the panel in discussion.  More on panel...


Carol Medine Moss Keynote Lecture - Claudia Johnson
“Can We Ever Have Enough of Jane Austen?”
Published in Persuasions 30 (2008). “A Name to Conjure With.” Persuasions 30 (2008): 15-26.

Claudia Johnson is Department Chair and Professor of English Literature at Princeton University, and has authored numerous works on 18th and 19th century literature, including Jane Austen: Women, Politics, and the Novel and Equivocal Beings: Politics, Gender and Sentimentality in the 1790s. She has also prepared scholarly editions of several Austen novels, including the Norton Critical Edition of Mansfield Park.
Joan Klingel Ray
“Jane Austen for Smarties”
Published in Persuasions 30 (2008). “Victorians versus Victorians: Understanding ‘Dear Aunt Jane.’” Persuasions 30 (2008): 38-52.
Joan Ray teaches at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, where she is University President’s Teaching Scholar, a lifetime title awarded to outstanding faculty.  She is editing the Dictionary of Literary Biography volume on Jane Austen. Her papers on Austen include “In Defense of Lady Russell: The Godmother Knew Best” (Persuasions 15) and “Jane Austen’s Case Study in Child Abuse,” about Mansfield Park (Persuasions 13). Dr. Ray has published in numerous scholarly journals, including Studies in Philology, The George Herbert Journal, The Explicator, Dickens Quarterly, and Studies in Short Fiction.

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